12 Essential Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Sharing feedback with employees is an important part of employee development. Professional growth often comes from receiving feedback from supervisors, company owners, and even their peers. Having an engaged workforce is a key element to building a successful company. One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is to ask them for feedback about the company. Just like your feedback to them helps to make positive changes that lead to their career success, employee feedback to the company can help strengthen company culture and improve employee engagement throughout.

One of the easiest ways to get feedback from your team is to ask them to complete an Employee Engagement Survey. This helps you understand how they're feeling at any given point in time. To get constructive feedback from your employees, you can't expect to ask any old question whenever you feel like it. The correct employee engagement survey questions need to be asked at the right frequency to get a continuous stream of helpful feedback. Here are Twelve Essential Employee Engagement Questions to ask your employees.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?
    This direct question prompts employees to give their honest assessment of how happy they are in the workplace. Regularly finding out where your company’s morale falls on the 10-point scale allows you to track morale over time.
  2. Would you refer someone to work here?
    How likely an employee would refer someone is a reflection on how satisfied this person is at their job. If they’re unhappy with their job, you can bet they don’t have much good to say to their friends about the company.
  3. Do you have a clear understanding of your career or promotion path?
    Find out if your workers have a clear understanding of what lies ahead of them. If their answers are negative, you’ll need to start offering developmental opportunities to prevent people from quitting in rapid succession.
  4. Do you feel valued in the workplace?
    Research shows that only 21% of your employees feel valued at work. Gauging how valued workers in your organization feel can help you make adjustments to your managing strategy.
  5. How frequently do you receive recognition from your manager or direct supervisor?
    If your leadership team is not recognizing employees regularly, it can lead to disengagement, loss of productivity, and attrition.
  6. Did you receive recognition the last time you completed a big project or assignment?
    If employees don't feel their hard work is properly recognized, you can work together to find a solution to this problem.
  7. Do you believe you'll be able to reach your full potential here?
    Employees want to work at a place that will nurture their desire for growth. The more opportunities for growth your organization can offer, the longer employees will stick around.
  8. Do you foresee yourself working here one year from now?
    If a majority of your employees are saying they don’t see themselves working here in one year, you’ve got some changes to make.
  9. Do you believe the leadership team takes your feedback seriously?
    When leaders don’t take feedback or suggestions seriously, it shows that they’re not committed to making improvements. And frankly, it makes employees feel unvalued.
  10. What three words would you use to describe our culture?
    Find out what your employees think about your culture. Use the results to find ways to strengthen and improve your culture to suit your employees’ needs.
  11. Do you believe we live authentically by our organizational values?
    Do your employees feel like the organization’s values are just meaningless words on the walls? Or maybe they believe leaders aren’t living out the values. Either way, an organization’s values are there are guidelines for behaviors and decisions.
  12. Do you have fun at work?
    While the word fun isn’t always synonymous with work, it’s important to recognize that the workplace shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Your employees spend a lot of hours at work. Find out if your employees think your organization’s culture is worth waking up every day for.

Giving and receiving feedback is essential to professional development. Both your employees and your company can benefit from positive criticism shared through employee engagement surveys. Surveying your employees and actively making changes according to their feedback will make them feel valued. Employees who feel valued are more engaged and have a more positive outlook each and every work day.

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