The Employee Recognition Solution Built for People-Centric Companies

Elevate your employee experience by aligning your company goals and values to employee recognition. We are transforming the way companies engage, develop, and retain top talent.

Give HR teams, leaders, and managers the ability to analyze employee engagement, facilitate feedback, appreciate and reward, all the while developing their people. Our recognition programs are uniquely designed to overcome the typical HR challenges by providing leaders with the tools to drive employee engagement and drive business results.

Recognize Your Employees


Recognize employees for 
achievements small and large.

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Give your employees consistent feedback


Delivering meaningful and
consistent feedback.

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Send out Employee Surveys to see how engaged your workforce is


Understand and connect with
employees through digital surveys.

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Display employee recognition and updates for all your employees to see

Social Wall

Post and share gratitude and 
updates for peers to see.

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Inspire and motivate your employees to be healthy and make good choices


Motivating health videos and
challenges to improve wellness.

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Give incentives for employees to refer candidates for job openings and promote hiring from within

Job Referral

Incentivize employees who
refer job candidates. 

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Who Are Our Recognition Softwares For?

Human Resources

Human Resources

People-Focused Organizations

People-Focused Organizations

Best Place To Work

Best Places to Work

Give employees shout outs for their great work for everyone to see through an employee recognition software

Shine a Light on Your People

Our employee recognition softwares allow your people to quickly and easily recognize their peers. Simply @mention an employee and share what they did to deserve recognition. There are countless reasons to celebrate your employees. By recognizing them for their strengths and accomplishments you are enforcing positive behavior and fostering growth.


Enrich Your Companies Purpose

The goal of many organizations and Human Resources Departments is to align your employees to your company's mission and values. To do this most effectively you have to make it a priority at every level of your organization. Our employee recognition programs make that easy to do by connecting everything within the platform to your company's values, goals, and mission. Connect recognition, feedback, employee surveys, wellness, and even development all back to your core purpose.

Recognize employees on your companies own social wall

Curious How to Engage Your Workforce?

Visualize employee engagement with behavioral analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Levy's intuitive analytics and data give the ability to visualize employee engagement in your organization. See where your teams and people are excelling and see where more focus is needed. Unlike other solutions that give a base level analysis,  our programs  take it a step further to gather behavioral data and use artificial intelligence to analyze employee engagement habits.


Robust Technology to Transform Your Culture

Our state-of-the-art technology is a cloud-based SaaS enterprise featuring scalable options to suit your needs. It’s secure, multi-tenant capabilities, gamification features, SSO, AI, and desktop/mobile options make it an All-in-One solution to reinforcing the right workplace behaviors.

Robust employee engagement technology that helps retain and motivate employees

Pay As You Scale  With Our Simple Pricing Per Employee.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Company team

How Much Do Rewards Cost?

 You set your own rewards budget. We provide you with example guidelines on how to set this up, but ultimately you can set whatever budget you would like. For tax purposes, we recommend keeping it under $400 per employee per year.

Company team

Are There Any Add Ons To Pay For?

 Nope! Everything is included. That's right, Everything! You can turn all our modules on and off as you please, customizing your program to fit your needs at no extra cost. Our pricing just depends on the number of employees.

Company team

What Kinds of Integrations Are Available?

Our programs have an open API so we can integrate with all the top HR software that your company uses. 

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Can I See a Demo?

 We would love to talk with you and show you how our solutions works.  Contact us  and we will set up a time to sit down with you and your team and show you how our programs can benefit your culture!

Start Measuring and Improving your  Employee Experience