2013 Tip of the Hat Awards

Attending the "Tip of the Hat" Awards at the Mahaffey Theatre in St. Petersburg was a night LMA won't soon forget. The awards ceremony, presented by Raymond James and Tampa Bay Magazine, honored four Tampa Bay residents for their contributions to their community. Levy Recognition had the honor of attending the event and showcasing the 1st Annual TIPPY Awards.

This award features a glass top hat designed and blown under the direction of Duncan McClellan.

The honorees for the evening were Al Austin, Bill Edwards, Judith Lisi, and Warren Rodgers. Each were recognized for their prestigious contributors to the Tampa Bay area. Al Austin brought the 2012 Republican National Convention to Tampa Bay putting Tampa in the spotlight and gaining the city world wide recognition. Bill Edwards believed that with the Convention bringing so many visitors to the area, that it was right to build a new Welcome Tower for the City of St. Petersburg located on I-275. This 75-foot-tall monument is visible for miles, and features a state-of-the-art LED lighting system. Judith Lisi, the general director of Opera Tampa, presented Tampa Bay with the 18th season of the Florida Opera Festival that drew audiences from far and wide to the fun and the sun of our area. Warren Rodgers, is one of 11 Rotarians to help create interest and support for the start of the “Eradication of Polio Worldwide.” When Warren started this journey there were 341,143 polio victims in 41 countries, and as of last year, there were only 123 victims in three countries.

To all the honorees, Tampa Bay “Tips our Hats” to you, and congratulations and on behalf of Levy Recognition.

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