3 Major Recognition Trends for 2022

As employees shift companies and we continue to see the impacts of The Great Resignation, it’s essential to look at recognition and how we can show up for our people in 2022.

As we move into 2022, recognition has to be top of mind for employers. In the United States, we have continued to see record-breaking voluntary turnover numbers. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 4.5 million quits (voluntary turnover) were recorded in November 2021. These turnover numbers come on the heels of several record-breaking months. Quits have been above 4 million per month since July 2021.

 As employees shift companies and we continue to see the impacts of The Great Resignation, it’s essential to look at recognition and how we can show up for our people in 2022. Today, we will cover three major recognition trends so you can prepare to support, recognize, and retain your best people.


1. Custom Awards

In the past, companies have focused on general awards/plaques and superlatives to recognize their team. As much as a Salesperson Of The Year trophy can feel exciting, basic awards don’t build your employer brand or enthusiasm with your team.

Creating a new concept for custom awards and seeing that come to life can be a great experience for HR and team leaders. Building your own trophy isn’t as complicated as you might think, and any award you create can be reused as you hand out more of them. Designing something unique to your brand can help you stand out from the competition when sending awards to employees this year.

Are you working from home? Awards can be dropshipped from the factory to make things convenient for employees and HR managers.


2. Online Employee Recognition Programs

Feedback matters. Employees want to feel connected to their team members and receive more public recognition for the work that they are doing. Although it can be difficult for employers to recognize every employee consistently, public peer recognition can add a new dimension to your recognition program.

Did you know that investing in a great recognition program can impact employee engagement, productivity, and performance by 14%?

By investing in online employee recognition programs, you can get peers involved, democratize feedback, and take some of the burden off stressed people managers.


3. Custom Swag Kits

The last major recognition trend we are seeing is an increase in utilizing custom swag kits. Getting mail from your employer should be a big deal. Companies have an opportunity to invest in how packages arrive to employees and create an employer branding experience for their team members.

Are you putting thought into how employees feel when getting the latest team shirt or coffee mug? You can put thought into the box packaging, the packing material, the labels on your custom shirts, etc. Like trophies, there is room to create a customized experience that employees are excited to brag about to their network.

As many companies spend time apart due to COVID-19, invest in the packages you send to employees this year. Create an experience that your team will never forget by putting effort into the interior and exterior of the packages you send this year.

Prepare To Recognize Your Employees In 2022

Your team deserves recognition for the work they do. Businesses thrive because their employees step up to the plate and work hard every day.

 Are you ready to create recognition experiences in 2022? Working with a partner like Levy Recognition can help you build those experiences. Request more information about our products to see how we can partner with you.

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