3 Parts to Choosing the Best Promotional Products for Your Company

Promotional products make an impression on all consumers who come into contact with your product. They leave a lasting impression that increases exposure after a singular event. But with such vast options for your promotional merchandise, there are some key points to consider before deciding on items.

Decide on the Purpose

What is the driving force behind your use of promotional products? What are your goals; is your company sales-driven or are you trying to increase exposure?

Narrowing in on the purpose of the promotional campaign will help guide you along the way to make it as effective as possible.

Define the Budget

With so many options for promotional products, you should know how much you want to spend upfront. The budget can also tie into your overall goals. If you want to generate sales of $20,000 from your promotional products, you shouldn’t be spending $30,000 on the products themselves.

Deciding on your budget will help determine how many promotional items you will be ordering. By knowing your budget from the beginning, your promotional product partner can provide you with the best choices within your price range and the process will be more tailored to you.

Fit the Promotional Products to Your Need:

One of the main considerations of your branded merchandise order should be who you want to use it. What target audience are you trying to connect with? A benefit of branded merchandise is their staying power, so you want to consider what your target audience’s day is like, what they do, what their interests are and how your promotional product can fit into their lives.

When brainstorming the item in terms of your target audience, tie them into your overall event. View your event as a whole. Think about every aspect of day and use data from past events and promotional giveaways to help decisions moving forward. Some of the main things to consider:

Location: Where is the giveaway taking place? Is it indoors or outside? Are you attending a tradeshow or a company event? The promotional products you decide on should always tie into the overall event. You’ll leave a lasting impression that way.

Competitors: If you’re at a tradeshow with some of your top competitors, what items can you give away that will make you stand out from the crowd? Sometimes, something as simple as free logoed water and snacks leave the best taste in your potential customers’ mouths.

Target Audience: Don’t forget who you are trying to connect with. Use your sample audience as driving forces behind your branded merchandise. If you are targeting mothers between the ages of 25-35 you’ll probably decide on a different product than someone targeting executives between the ages of 45-55. Remember your decisions should always trace back to your key demographic.

Take these key points into consideration whenever deciding on a new promotional product. You always want products that reflect your brand and your message and represent your company well.

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