5 Meaningful ways to Recognize Employees This Year

Recognition comes in all forms. With The Great Resignation continuing to wreak havoc on the economy, some companies are looking for meaningful ways to recognize their employees this year. We’ve talked about some of the major recognition trends we predict in 2022. Today’s content will cover the small things you can do to show your team how much you care.

1. Say Kind Words Often

Thank you is free.

 Letting your team know how much you enjoy their presence only takes a few moments.

Yet, employees don’t hear kind words enough.

The pandemic has taught us that you never know who is contemplating leaving your company. The employee with the most hours could be considering a departure. It’s up to management to ensure that everyone feels appreciated at work.
You can use technology like peer recognition software to take the burden off leaders, but making sure that these tools are utilized falls squarely on management.

2. Invest In Work From Home Set-Ups

In 2020, many employees did what they could to make the most of work from home. As many employees face the third year of work from home, they may realize that their work environment needs a little TLC.
It’s time to reinvest in your employees by helping them create an environment that works for them. Recognize the top talent on your team by giving out work from home office stipends. Your team will appreciate that you care enough to make their home office workable.

3. Let Employees Learn A New Skill

Learning and development are crucial to rising the ranks in an organization and taking on leadership positions. Recognize up-and-coming talent by letting them learn a new skill. Taking approved college courses or classes on Udemy can make a difference. Learning a new skill could cost your organization little money, depending on the institution. Examine different learning options before deciding on one.

4. Give Employees A Chance To Splurge On Themselves

When was the last time your employees got a chance to splurge on themselves? Many employees (especially those leading families) may not get a chance to go out to eat regularly or shop at their favorite clothing stores. Providing gift cards to team members that allow them to splurge on themselves is a great way to show how much you care.

5. Offer Mental Health Days At Work

If you want to attract and keep top talent, it might be time to rethink how much time off you give your team members. The pandemic has had a massive impact on mental health. Dealing with mental health struggles while going into the office can be a big issue for your team.
Since the pandemic started, several companies have increased mental health offerings. Mental health issues can easily lead to burnout. If a few days off can lead to more sustainable employment, companies have to consider the benefits of investing in mental health for workers.


Recognition is more than a box you have to check off for employees. Timely recognition can change the trajectory of your team’s experience with the company. Going above and beyond to show your team how much you care makes a world of difference for employees. Your team needs you to step up to the plate and show them how much you care.
By using these five recognition ideas, you can be the leader your team needs right now.

3 Major Recognition Trends for 2022
As employees shift companies and we continue to see the impacts of The Great Resignation, it’s essential to look at recognition and how we can show up for our people in 2022.