5 Reasons to Buy Made in the USA

In today’s economy, it can be difficult to find affordable products that are also high in quality. As consumers, we’re constantly searching for products that serve our needs as well as give us the best deal for our money. It can be easy to choose products of lesser quality if they’re more affordable. However, 60% of consumers are willing to pay ten percent more for an American made product when making their buying decisions.

When you buy products made in America, not only are you showing your commitment to quality, you’re showing your commitment to a movement that is supporting the U.S. economy. While buying American made products may seem a little more expensive, there are five reasons you should consider when making your buying decision.

1. Creates American Jobs

Manufacturing in the U.S.A means jobs for American citizens. Money invested in American made products gets put directly back into the manufacturer’s ability to hire and employee more people. People with steady jobs push money into the American economy and starts a cycle that can improve our economy as a whole. Every $1.00 invested in U.S. manufacturing generates $1.81 in economic activity.

2. Quality of Goods

85% of consumers think that made in the U.S.A. products are higher quality than those made overseas. Being made in the USA means being made with superior craftsmanship. U.S. products are built according to standards that far exceed those of foreign imports. American manufacturing facilities are regulated and monitored to protect consumers from asbestos, lead, and other harmful materials found in foreign goods. Buying products made in America means buying products that are safer for you and your family.

3. Guarantees Fair Working Conditions

Government policies, like those created and enforced by OSHA, guarantee safe working conditions for American workers. Manufacturing businesses in America are held to hire standards when it comes to how employees are treated. These mandates help to minimize and prevent accidents. Foreign countries may not have the same level of health and safety and imports may be contributing to unsafe conditions for thousands of workers.

4. Healthier for the Environment

Did you know that as much as 25% of the air pollution over Los Angeles can be traced back to China? American made products are manufactured in facilities dedicated to regulating emissions and other pollutants. Technologies in the U.S. allow manufacturing processes to lean toward renewable resources, cleaner air quality, and eco-friendly practices. Investing in American made products helps to contribute to a cleaner environment.


5. Strengthening the American Dream

For many, the American dream is to live and work in a society that supports the right to work in a thriving and healthy economy. It means working for livable wages and providing for their families. American manufacturers support this dream by providing Americans with jobs, protecting their rights, and promoting American independence. With growth in manufacturing comes a surge in investment opportunities that continue to stimulate economic growth and strengthen the American Dream for everyone.

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