5 Reasons to Recognize Your Employees With Custom Awards

Whether you are gearing up for an awards ceremony or you want to appreciate your employees throughout the year, custom awards can make a huge impact.

At Levy Recognition, we know how influential creating interesting, unique awards can be for our customers. Many companies shy away from custom awards because they are afraid of putting together something unique and branded. We work with companies of all sizes to make their awards dreams come true.

Here are five reasons you should recognize employees with custom awards.

1. Custom Awards Are A Beautiful Reminder Of How Awesome Your Company Is

If you’ve ever won an award, you know the sense of pride that can come from winning that plaque or trophy. You sit it proudly on your shelf and walk past it as you sit down to work. That award becomes a part of your daily routine, even if you don’t recognize it.

Custom awards become a part of your life, and they serve as a reminder of the fantastic company you work with daily. By investing in corporate awards, you can create a joyous moment for your employees who get them, even when the workday gets stressful. The awards they have become a way to ground them, so they feel confident in their work.

2. Custom Awards Make Amazing Social Media Content For Employees

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important. We are a society that is influenced heavily by peers. When potential employees see fun status updates and content from employees, they want to join the fun!

Custom awards are great because they make for great social media content for your employees. If you won a cool award at work, the first thing you’d want to do is post about it on LinkedIn, right? The awards you give out become an easy post to make to gush over how cool your company is.

3. Custom Awards Improve Employee Recognition At Work

Employee recognition at work is crucial. There are several ways to give praise. While there is a massive pull for peer-to-peer recognition right now, company recognition is still sought after. Creating custom awards for things like tenure and employee achievement only adds to the amount of recognition employees receive.

4. Custom Awards Create A Shared Experience For Your Employees

People want to feel connected to the company and past/present/future employees. If you give certain awards to different employees every year, it creates a shared experience. Being Salesperson Of The Year and winning the company sales leader award creates a wonderful bond between employees.

As the company continues to grow, these leaders can give back to the organization with their knowledge of the industry. As you continue to give out the same awards, these titles become even more prestigious.

5. Custom Awards Influence Employee Behavior For The Better

Employees model the behavior they see around them. As you share award winners, employees begin to see what excellent workplace behavior looks like. Awarding good behavior in a public way only builds understanding within your organization.

Coupling corporate awards with more informal recognition processes can be a fantastic way to influence employee behavior.

Conclusion: Create Custom Awards At Your Company

Custom awards can improve employee recognition within your company and give your employees powerful models of workplace behavior. Whether you are just starting to consider custom awards or you are further in the process, you are not in this alone.

Levy Recognition creates and builds beautiful custom awards for companies of all sizes. Check out our awards portfolio to see more of our work and request more information.

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