5 Ways To Recognize Your Sales Staff

Your sales team deserves some recognition, and today we are covering how to do it.

Sales teams across the world make a significant impact on business. Without a proper sales team, many organizations fail to bring in consistent revenue to survive. Your sales team deserves some recognition, and today we are covering how to do it.

1. Sweat The Small Stuff

It’s easy to recognize the sales team when they bring in thousands of dollars, but what about those challenging months? There are bound to be lulls in the sales process when their best accomplishment is getting through a demo.
Sweat the small stuff. Appreciate it. Use tools like Levy Recognition’s Elevate platform to give public praise and recognition for all the small things your sales team does.

2. Use Automation To Celebrate Every Day Victories

It’s not easy to catch every deal that happens in your company, especially as your sales team grows. One of the best ways to celebrate these small victories is to use automation. There are a couple of ways to automate sales victory celebrations:

If you are back in the office, showcase your closed deals on a screen everyone can see.

3. Host Mini Competitions

Competition can boost camaraderie and morale on your team if you do it the right way. You are trying to build a successful sales team that works together, not one that wants to tear others down. What competitions can you host that bring your team together?
Try to create competitions around things that don’t encourage extreme competition. Instead of seeing who can make the most sales that month, consider a competition for who has the fastest hang-up during a call blitz or who can go through their sales pitch the fastest.
Silly competitions like this can celebrate the hard work your team has put in without pitting them against each other.

4. Give Out A Salesperson Of The Year Award

One of the most traditional ways to celebrate your sales team is by giving them a Salesperson Of The Year award. Most salespeople will expect a prize to be given out at the end of the year. Be creative and careful around how you frame the salesperson of the year.
What makes a great salesperson? Is it someone who cares for customers and wants their colleagues to succeed? Is it someone other salespeople look up to? Or is it someone who makes the most sales that year?
There is no right or wrong answer here. You just need to create a consistent measurement of this award so that your team knows how to win it. Once you have that figured out, check out how we can bring your #TrophyGoals to life.

5. Offer Your Team Some Flexibility

Sales teams need to be highly plugged in. We often don’t give sales as much free reign because they are crucial to a company’s bottom line. This lack of slack can lead to resentment and make it hard for your team to feel trusted. Allowing flexibility in where and how your team works gives them back some control.
What do you need from your sales team for them to be successful? I am sure there are a couple of requirements like a stable internet connection and product knowledge, but do you need them to be in a particular location? Provide flexibility where you can and recognize that you have a brilliant sales team.


Your sales team does a lot for your organization. Every second they spend connecting with potential customers brings possible dollars to your organization’s bottom line. We hope you use today’s article to understand how you can recognize and celebrate with your sales staff. Even during the lulls in your business, your sales team is working for you!

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