6 Tips to Start Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right people is a stressful part of work for many HR professionals. Recruiting the wrong person can lead to significant work issues and do more harm than we think. Today we are going to share five simple tips for hiring the right people for your organization.

1. Set Clear Expectations About What You’re Look For From The Beginning

First and foremost, set clear expectations. Take some time to set clear expectations with the person you are hiring for. What are they looking for in this position? What are their current team dynamics? How can you express all their wishes, wants, and expectations in the job position?

2. Source Candidates From A Variety Of Places

Once you’ve set clear expectations, it’s time to post the job opportunity and source candidates from various places. Here are just a few places you can find experienced candidates:

     Job boards (Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter)

     Job fairs

     Industry organizations (for example, SHRM has a job board.)


     Your career site

     Social media sites like LinkedIn

3. Have One-On-One And Team Conversations

If you want to truly get to know a new hire, you need to see them in different environments. Start your hiring process with a one-on-one interview to get to know the employee, and then move to a team interview to see how they work with your team. Getting your team involved in the interview process will also ensure that your team is prepared to welcome your new hire once they finally onboard.

4. Do Paid Work Tests

If you are nervous about a new hire, try a paid work test. You can pay your potential employee to complete a quick assignment or bring them on as a contractor first. Various companies are using these trial arrangements because it gives them the ability to look deeper and find the best fit without extra commitment. Trial tests should be paid whenever possible, especially if you’re asking candidates to complete work you can use.

5. Know That You Will Make Some Hiring Mistakes

Most hiring managers have made a mistake or two when hiring a candidate. It would be impossible to hire the right person one-hundred percent of the time. The important thing you must do as a hiring manager is own up to your mistakes and find a way to make the new hire work for your company or let them go to their next opportunity.

6. Use A Specialized Recruiter

One of the best ways to hire the right people is to use a specialized recruiter. Recruiters have a lot of pull, and they know a wide variety of candidates. If you are having trouble finding the right people, consider connecting with a recruiter specializing in the industry or job you are hiring for. Recruiters can be expensive, but they will help you find the perfect candidates to help your company grow in the long run.

Conclusion: You Can Hire The Right People

Whether you are hiring your first employee or you’ve been hiring for a while, recruitment can be challenging. Take these six tips into consideration as you hire your next employee. You never know what talent you’ll find when you set clear expectations first and go through the right steps to get to know your new hires.

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