7 Client Appreciation Ideas

If you’ve been in business for the past few years, you know how difficult 2020 was. Are you looking for some client appreciation ideas to help you say thanks to the customers who stuck with you through tough times? Keep reading for seven ideas to help you show your appreciation.


1) Write A Handwritten Thank You Note

Handwritten thank you notes make a world of difference, and they don’t cost a ton of money. You can send these types of letters after a big project is over or on the anniversary of working with your client. Let your clients know how much their business means to your organization.


2) Offer A Discount Code On Their Next Purchase

After a client has made a purchase and received their order, you can offer them a unique returning discount code. Who doesn’t love to save money? If they love your service, now is a great time to connect with them and get a customer for life.

3) Feature Them In Your Next Newsletter

If you have a newsletter that you send to prospects and customers, feature your latest work in the newsletter. You can shout out the clients you are working with, show off the final product, and even link to their website. It’s a free way to show off your work while showing clients how much you appreciate them.

4) Send Them Swag With Your Company Logo

If you want to create an even cooler experience for your clients, you could send them swag with your company logo. We suggest making swag that your clients can use often. Ideally, get an item that becomes a part of your client’s daily routine, so they always remember your company and the awesome things you’ve done for them. Here are some merch examples:







      Phone accessories

At Levy Recognition, we are always trying to source high-quality products that are in demand. We have excellent branded merchandise capabilities. We can even set up a company store to design, purchase, print, and send merchandise for you.

5) Mail Them A Care Package

Beyond swag, you could send a bigger care package to your clients. Care packages can be a mix of fun swag, an item or two you think they’d like, a note from you, and maybe some fun confetti or packing material.

 You can send a fun care package on their birthday or near the anniversary of you working with that person.

6) Throw Something Extra In Their Order

One easy way to show how much you care is to throw something extra into their order. If you sell a physical product, this can uplevel the client experience. For example, if you sold artisan donuts, you could throw in an extra one or add some donut holes on the side. Figure out a low-cost way to jazz up the order and make each client feel appreciated.


7) Send Them A Medal Or Plaque For Their Continued Support

Lastly, you could create a custom medal or plaque to thank them for their continued support. You should probably use this appreciation idea when you’ve been working with a client for a while (over a year, at least.) You can work with a company like Levy Recognition to create and ship a custom award for clients who’ve stuck with you.


Conclusion: Client Appreciation Comes In All Forms

Client appreciation isn’t a one-size-fits-all topic. There are so many ways to show your clients how much you care. Some require a lot of financial resources, and some ideas are free. We hope this article gave you some food for thought as you move forward with your client appreciation initiative.

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