Beautiful Awards for Your Employee Recognition Event

It’s that time of year to start planning your end of the year employee awards and recognition event. Forget about halfheartedly presenting each employee with a paper certificate of appreciation your human resources department printed from pre-designed Word templates. It’s time to add some excitement to your event and present your employees with an award that won’t soon find its way to a recycling bin.

At Levy Recognition, we know a thing or two about awards. We specialize in helping companies choose the type of employee recognition that best suits their needs. Whether you are a large corporation or a small, family-owned business, let our experts help you create an award that will leave your employees saying, “Wow.”

When choosing the awards for your employee recognition banquet, first consider your budget. No matter what your budget, Levy has a recognition option that will keep you on target. Are you looking for a custom award design, or wanting choosing from stock award pieces? Our customer service representatives can present you with different cost-effective options. Keep in mind that a custom award will take more time to design and manufacture.

Another thing you’ll want to consider in choosing the awards for your event is how many employees you’ll be recognizing and for what reasons. We find that one of the most popular types of employee recognition is for years of service. When choosing awards to recognize an employee’s dedication to the company, you may want to choose a statue or trophy that graduates in size depending on the milestone being recognized. Typically, awards are given to recognize milestones such as one year, five years, ten years, fifteen, etc.

Will you be giving special recognition for outstanding performance, retirement, or a “top” category? Awards given for a unique achievement represent that achievement with their own unique design. Our team of creative thinkers, artists, and graphic designers work tirelessly to create beautiful works of art you’ll be proud to present at your employee awards banquet.

You’ve spent months planning the location, the dinner, the entertainment, and the decorations for your annual employee awards banquet. While those things are what make an event special, your employees are on the edge of their seats waiting for that memorable moment their name is called in recognition. The awards given at the event should meet the same level of design as the other elements of your recognition event. The award you choose to present are a symbol of the even that your employees will treasure. Paper certificates and other silly tokens end up “File 13.” A beautifully designed trophy is proudly displayed and shared for months, even years after the event.

Our clients enjoy a personalized experience that ensures each step of the awards design and production process is seamless. Whether you are shopping for a completely custom designed award, or want to personalize one of our stock options, we are ready to help you put the finishing touches on a memorable employee awards banquet.

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