Building Employee Loyalty through Recognition

Your company’s brand is what sets you apart from competitors. It is a mark of distinction that shows you are dedicated to your trade. Most companies build their brand on the quality of their work, the value of their products and the delivery of their customer service. When you establish a brand, you are showing your customers, business partners and employees that you are committed to strengthening the company in an ever-evolving market.

Brand management is important to gaining the attention of customers and business partner. Did you know it is also important to retaining employees? In a study by Reputations Corporation, 89 percent of employees say reputation of a company influences their loyalty to the job position. 80 percent of employees even admit they would accept less pay to work for a company with an excellent reputation. Having a strong, recognizable brand gives employees security in their jobs. When employees feel like a valued part of their company’s brand, they are far more likely to continue their employment with the company.

Caspers Company, Florida’s leading McDonald’s restaurant chain owners, has built a reputation for being a top company to work for in Florida. Fritz Casper opened the very first McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida almost 60 years ago. Generations of Casper family members have owned and operated the popular food chain using a people-first culture. They demonstrate their commitment to their employees through special recognition and a branded awards program that employees look forward to year after year.

Caspers Company Awards

Over 20 years ago, Caspers Company implemented a unique recognition program that awarded employees for their dedication to the Caspers Company team as well as the McDonald's brand. Levy Recognition worked with Caspers Company to create their very first line of trophies. The awards we designed featured the McDonald's brand. Service awards displayed the large McDonalds “M” and the number of years the recipient had worked for the company. The team award was a classic trophy design with a winner’s cup on a platform supported by four pillars. The company’s logo was added to the engraved nameplate. These branded trophies reminded employees they worked for a company recognized by millions across the globe. With awards proudly displayed in trophy cases at home, or in their restaurant, Caspers Company employees gained a sense of loyalty to the organization.

It’s the same loyalty observed by every one of the employees working for the massive McDonald’s chain today. Caspers Company continues to recognize their employees with awards that showcase the McDonalds brand. From the simple look of the McDonald’s “M” and the traditional winner’s cup design of their original awards, LevyMA has worked with Caspers Company to design a line of awards that has grown with their brand.

Now, in 2016, Caspers Company turns to Levy for all of their awards and recognition needs. Throughout the years, we have developed awards that allow them to show recognition to all of their loyal employees. From Rob’s Rocket Team, to Night Shift Inspection awards, as well as Outstanding Shift Manager and Outstanding Team, Caspers Company has invested in their employees and given them the support of a successful brand they want to continue working for years to come.

A company’s brand is always evolving, as are the tactics used to retain top employees. Employees want to work for a company that makes them feel appreciated and recognizes them for their hard work and commitment. Your employees are the “boots on the ground” that lead your company’s brand. Show them that you appreciate what they do for your brand by presenting them an award that reflects your company’s commitment to growth and loyalty.

Building a High Engagement Culture