Celebrate Your Employees!

March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day


Your employees know that they are an integral part of your organization. They know that their hard work is a valued and they feel appreciated each and every day.

Or do they?

Recent studies have shown that only 25% of employees feel valued in their workplace. That number has dropped 16 points from 2016. Turnover rates are skyrocketing as more and more employees are leaving their current jobs to seek employment in more rewarding and fulfilling environments. Your company may be experiencing some of the damaging effects caused by low employee engagement rates. Before you hit the panic button, there is a way to improve employee job satisfaction and boost engagement numbers in your workplace and it’s called…


Employee Recognition.


A great step to improving recognition is for you to celebrate your employees! Employee Appreciation Day is March 2nd, 2018. Here are some fun ways to bring more appreciation into your workplace.

Invest in your employees. Recognition isn’t always about certificates and trophies. Sometimes, it’s as simple as showing that you care about their jobs within the company and the tools they use to do that job. Investing in your employees means purchasing new computers or software programs that will speed up progress. It means creating education programs that support employees going back to school and helping them to afford the training programs and courses they need to improve on their expertise.

Not sure if new technology and education programs is in the budget for this year? Implement a flexible schedule program that allows employees to better balance their work with their personal lives. More companies are choosing to recognize their employees’ hard work by embracing flexible scheduling. As an added bonus, productivity and retention improve. Investing in your employees means doing something that makes their lives easier and more rewarding. It shows that you value their time, their skills, and appreciate how hard they work.

Create a company culture. Improve the office environment by rewarding employees with inexpensive activities that help build a sense of company culture. Host a party for Employee Appreciation Day and allow employees to take some time off their busy workday schedules to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.  Plan a few team-building activities such as puzzle games, scavenger hunts, and relay races.

Make your company culture stand out by inviting employees to redecorate the office. Provide the proper equipment to hang pictures and allow them to move furniture around to create a space that is inviting, productive, and comfortable for them.

Build and foster relationships. While supervisor support is important, employees value peer support even more. Peer to peer relationships can either make or break your company culture. About 70% of employees attribute an engaging environment to their relationship with colleagues. Encourage employees to recognize each other by setting a good example. Use on-the-spot recognition techniques to draw attention to the great things your employees are doing. Consider giving out prizes and other gifts to show employees how much you appreciate them.

For Employee Appreciation Day, think about ways to bring employees together in a fun way. Invite employees to recognize each other during an “office props” session. Give people the opportunity to talk about something positive that has happened in their week or thank a fellow coworker for helping on a recent project.

You can never go wrong with food. People love good food. Meal times are a great opportunity to bring groups of people together to share, socialize, and eat. If other Employee Appreciation Day celebration ideas don’t suit your company culture, an employee luncheon might be the answer. There are several options when it comes to planning an employee appreciation luncheon. Some corporations choose to have a catering company set up carving stations and buffets of side dishes and desserts for the day. Other companies order pizza, wings, or sandwiches to be delivered at lunchtime. If you are not into hosting lunch at the office, or your employee group is smaller, you might take them to a favorite restaurant for lunch and simply pay the bill. No matter what type of luncheon you plan for your employees, it’s sure to make them feel appreciated. Taking time away from their desks to enjoy good food and the company of their peers is a great way to boost morale and reenergize the workday.

To make your employees feel valued, employee recognition is something your organization needs to do every day. Only celebrating on Employee Appreciation Day will not cut it. After you’ve shown your appreciation and support to employees on March 2nd, don’t forget to continue your efforts throughout the rest of 2018. Check out our blog for more ideas on how to recognize your employees and show appreciation all year!

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