Creating the 2016 Shorty Social Good Awards

The Shorty Social Good Awards honor the most influential organizations and individuals in social media – and we’re honored to be selected as the winning supplier of its signature trophy.

The Shorty Awards we manufactured earlier this year were a hit! They chose to present the same award design this November for their First Annual Social Good Awards. Levy took pleasure in being able to work with this organization again for a great cause.

For its April 2016 8th annual ceremony, Shorty Awards needed someone who could accommodate their new trophy design. The design resembled the 2015 award, with the same Twitter-inspired whale tale at the top, but with enhanced curves and bevels in the award’s body.

These new features added an element of sophistication to the design, making Shorty Awards more excited than ever to present them at this year’s ceremony. However, Shorty Awards was faced with a major obstacle: they couldn’t find a supplier to manufacture this new, beautiful trophy design.

That is -- until they got in touch with Levy. We were stoked to work with Shorty Awards as the one supplier who could dominate in the details. With our endless customization capabilities, we were able to create the trophy with all of its special curvature and beveling, bringing the Shorty Awards vision to life.

For this year’s Social Good Awards, we replicated what we produced in April, creating new stencils with the First Annual Shorty Social Good Awards logo to apply to the blank trophy bases. 60 Social Good Awards were presented to winning organizations such as Zappos, Expedia, ShareTheMeal, AirBnB, Viacom, and many more. Check out the full list of winners here. Congratulations to them all – thanks for the good you do in the world!

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