Daily Engagement

Dear Levy,

I want to keep my employees motivated, but I noticed that their levels of engagement seem to fluctuate often. Why does employee engagement vary daily? How can I get everyone on the same page and fully engaged every day?

--Another Day, Another Engagement Struggle


Dear Another Engagement Struggler,

I hear you! The struggle is real when it comes to keeping employees fully engaged in the workplace. It might help you to know that yours isn’t the only company watching the employee engagement gauge fluctuate week to week and even day to day. And I hate to break it to you, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a day when each and every employee on your workforce fully engaged at the same time. Even if you do, this will not be the norm.

The good news is, your efforts are not falling by the wayside. In fact, I can bet that you are probably running a very successful engagement program. Don’t be discouraged or think that you are not doing a great job because engagement levels go up and down.

Engagement varies because we are humans. We experience feelings that play into how well we are able to pay attention to what’s in front of us. We become distracted from our work when we are looking forward to a fun activity outside the workplace, or when we are stressed out about something happening at home. We become disengaged when we’re not satisfied with the work we are doing, or something in the workplace is frustrating us.

Business dictionary defines employee engagement as Emotional connection an employee feels toward his or her employment organization, which tends to influence his or her behaviors and level of effort in work related activities. There is no one answer as to what works to raise employee engagement for everyone in a company. In fact, studies show that different employees require different stimuli when it comes to how engaged they feel in the workplace.

Company owners, human resource managers, and department supervisors can influence an employee’s feelings about the company by utilizing several different employee engagement and recognition techniques. Employee engagement trends are constantly changing with the evolving needs and expectations of the employees. If you are worried about your program not being up to par, try surveying your employees to find out what they enjoy and what they dislike about it. Their feedback could help you revamp your existing program to meet their needs, or perhaps convince you to create a new one entirely. Rest assured that as long as you are trying, you are influencing the success of your company. At times, encouraging employees and keeping them on track is a challenge, but companies who invest in engagement programs are often more profitable than those without.

And if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

Recognition Rachel

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