Ecommerce Solutions for Your Business

Running a branded merchandise program can be daunting. That’s why Levy Recognition offers businesses simple-to-use solutions to their supply program needs. Our ecommerce programs provide businesses with the tools they need to fulfill branded merchandise orders. We build customized ecommerce sites that house your branded promotional products, textiles, and printed materials. In addition, we handle the manufacturing/procurement of all the items and warehouse the inventory for distribution. It’s the easiest way for your company to manage the logistics of your organization. Here are some of the benefits our customers enjoy when they utilize our ecommerce solutions.

An ecommerce store is an online store designed to house your branded promotional products, textiles, and printed materials. Virtually any branded product: promotional items, logoed apparel, printed materials, sales campaigns, starter kits, stationery, collateral, signage, trade show materials and more can be exchanged on your company store. This gives you and your employees access to the tools and materials they need to keep your company running smoothly at the push of a button.

Depending on your company's needs, your ecommerce store can service any number of people within your organization. If you choose, your company store can even allow fans of your company to purchase goods and branded merchandise to show their support. Design your ecommerce store to be a place where employees can purchase apparel and uniforms. Or make it a place where department heads, branch offices, sales representatives, and company partners can order the items they need to promote the company or even give items as gifts to recognize the hard work your employees are doing.

A custom ecommerce site allows your company to sell anything from custom logo products, promotional products, gifts, multiple logo items, and more. You can set ordering options for employees, customers, and other site visitors. Our ecommerce solutions offer convenient payment options for customers and employees to make their purchases with ease. For stores set up to provide supplies for departments and branch offices, they can place orders using their department number or other identification criteria. Stores designed to sell branded merchandise can be set up to accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, and other major credit card payment options.

We can build an online company store that is completely customized to your brand and company culture. Our individualized customer service means one of our dedicated representatives will be there to guide you through the store creation process, launching, challenges and any future updates.

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