eCommerce Stores

Creating an online company store may seem like a daunting and expensive undertaking, but the truth is, they are actually simple to set up and can save your company time and money. Levy Recognition (Levy) offers e-commerce solutions that streamline the process of setting up and running a company store. You’ve got enough to worry about. So sit back, relax and let us handle the hard stuff.

An online store can help companies control their brand identity and provide a platform for customers to purchase products. Company stores can also be used to provide staff members and employees with branded apparel, marketing materials and other branded items.

Company stores are a great way to get your employees involved in the workplace. Branded apparel and other items give employees the opportunity to show off their company pride. Get your team involved in the store-building process. Take a survey to determine which items your employees would like to have most. Stock your company store with branded items they’ll be proud to purchase and wear, use, or give as gifts to family members and friends. This helps build comradery among your staff members while also extending your brand’s reach.

Online company stores make it easy to provide employees access to approved uniform apparel and accessories. You can also use your online store to provide different departments and branch offices of your company with marketing collateral, branded merchandise and other supplies. With a company store, corporate offices no longer need to accept, track or handle delivering supplies to separate locations.

One of the biggest advantages to creating an online company store is the opportunity to partner with merchandising experts. Levy helps businesses obtain branded items at the lowest prices possible. We do the price comparisons and make all of the vendor contacts for you. No more having to collect quotes from multiple vendors before making a purchasing decision, we hunt down the details for you, making sure you only get brand compliant products, hassle-free management and budget friendly merchandise.

LMA Warehouses and Ships Products

You might think that storing all of the products and branded items is going to be a hassle. Well, don’t stress. With Levy e-commerce solutions, there are no warehouse worries. Another great advantage to using an online company store is having us take care of your inventory and warehousing needs. If that doesn’t help you breathe a sigh of relief, we also provide you with full administrative control. In today’s fast-paced world, data is everything. With an online company store, you have real-time reporting and instant access to new statistics about the items your employees are ordering.

Online company stores offer convenient payment options for customers and employees to make their purchases. For stores set up to provide supplies for departments and branch offices, they can place orders using their department number or other identification criteria. Stores designed to sell branded merchandise can be set up to accept PayPal, Amazon Pay and other major credit card payment options.

Still not enough? Levy can build an online company store that is completely customized to your brand and company culture. Our individualized customer service means one of our dedicated representatives will be there to guide you through the store creation process, launching, challenges and any future updates.

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