Employee Engagement Day 2017

Putting even more Employee Engagement methods to the test, the team at Levy Recognition held Employee Engagement Day on September 28th. The day was about Working Hard and Having Fun.

The start of the day was all lights, camera, action as each department was given the opportunity to showcase their dance moves in a fun video. It was a time to highlight the role each department plays in everyday business operations here at Levy. Our goal was to celebrate our ability to work as a team to complete each project. The video is sure to be a blockbuster. Stay tuned for video release dates!

For the second half of our Employee Engagement Day our staff carpooled to the Great Escape Room. The Great Escape Room is an exciting Sherlock-themed escape game. Our staff was split into two teams for the part scavenger hunt and part puzzle-solving adventure. Our challenge was to work together to solve the puzzle and escape Sherlock's library in just 60 minutes.

For an extra twist, teams competed to see which set of sleuths could complete the puzzle the fastest. While both teams were able to escape in under an hour, it was Team A who completed the puzzle just 3 minutes quicker than Team B.

Awards were given out to recognize the day's winning teams. Dessert was served an everyone was encouraged to mingle and have fun getting to know fellow coworkers. It was a successful day of company culture enrichment and fun.

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