Formal Recognition Programs

A formal recognition program should be tailored to your company. You can provide them weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly or however you see fit. A service awards program can fit into your formal recognition program.

An informal recognition program should include the daily interactions of your staff, while a formal recognition program is a more established awards program.

Employee loyalty is something many companies struggle with. Custom awards for various accomplishments only help your employees feel more valued and appreciated.

Online Incentives

An online incentive program offers you some structure.

Levy Recognition online incentive program allows you to tailor the program to your unique needs. Each employee will have their own log in and a “bank” for their recognition points. Managers can log in to see the activity for those members under their leadership. All of the points can then be redeemed for an award of the participant’s choice.

When establishing your program, you can decide which awards will be available to your staff and how many points will be necessary for each. You have complete control over every aspect.

These daily incentives for your employee’s to build their points for formal recognition will establish awareness in the workforce. Awareness for people’s hard work. Awareness for their efforts. Awareness of your staff.

Service Awards Program

Milestone celebrations are always exciting events. Service awards programs offer custom recognition to individuals who have stayed with your company.

Rewarding years of dedication prompts your employees to stay for more years to come!
To easily stay up-to-date with your service awards, you can integrate the service awards program into your online incentives program. By partnering the programs, you have the option to send e-cards, congratulatory messages, and more; allowing you to personalize a message to accompany their custom award.

Formal recognition programs have proven to increase loyalty and work ethic, so which one do you want to start today?

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