Gear Up for Back to School

Summer is over. Families are returning from their vacations. Students are getting ready to go back to school. There is a begrudged feeling as both parent and student accept that the summer days once spent at the beach, or on a family picnic will soon become busy with carpools, class projects, and new assignments at work. But, not before gathering the ever-lengthening list of school supplies and other fall essentials.

The back-to-school season is a perfect opportunity for businesses and educational institutes to gain impressions from students, parents, and teachers. Make getting back to class easy and fun for everyone by giving away useable, fun, and trendy products that students will love!

Consumers want products that fill a need. They want products they can actually use. Everybody uses school supplies – backpacks, notebooks, writing utensils – from kindergarten to college, you need basic school supplies just to get through the first day!

Back-to-school supplies give your brand maximum exposure by supplying students with something that they will use every day. Your company’s back-to-school supply giveaway has the potential to make impressions on parents, teachers, bus drivers, and other students. Just think of the number of times students asks to borrow a pen or pencil. Every time your branded writing utensil is passed to the next person, that’s another impression!

Students want the coolest swag for school. The first day is full of opportunity to show off new school gear with all their friends. So, make it easy on parents and suit kids up with school supplies that will make them look good while drawing indirect attention to your brand. If your product is cool and trendy, it will be a wanted item. Get students geared up with branded items like:

Today’s students are involved in more than just their academics. They often need supplies in order to participate in extracurricular activities like sports and academic clubs. Water bottles, sport bands, headphones, and even hand sanitizer can help students get through after school workouts and practices.

School supplies aren’t just for kids. Don’t forget college students. Laptop cases, flash drives, and calculators are just a few of the supplies they may need for class. But, don’t stop with the basics. If your company is located in a college town, back-to-school season is also the start of football season. That means tailgating! Your company can get creative and give out coolers, branded barbeque supplies, and drinkware to make any college tailgate party a hit.

Going back to school can be a bittersweet time. The summer is over and now it’s time to hit the books. Take the opportunity to give your clients branded merchandise they can use to get through the school days with ease. Teachers, students, and parents will appreciate the gesture while simultaneously advertising your business each time they use your promos.

For information, creative ideas, or ordering your merchandise, contact Levy Recognition. We will help you get the supplies your company needs to get students back to school with style.

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