Holiday Engagement in the Workplace

For most businesses, the last few months of the year provide ample opportunities to gather employees together and celebrate. Many companies use the holidays as a time to engage and recognize their employees. Keeping your employees fully engaged during the holiday season, from Halloween to New Year’s Day, is challenging. Workloads can get heavier as co-workers take time off. Employees are thinking about friends and family members who are off work for the holidays. Children are out of school, complicating scheduling. It’s a busy time of year that can make the months of October through December a little stressful.

Maintaining employee engagement can be a little tricky. One of the best ways to ramp up productivity and workplace engagement is to utilize employee recognition. By reinforcing positive relationships between coworkers and employers, you can create a more harmonious and connected workplace. The holidays are about feelings of togetherness, thoughtfulness, and kindness. Bring those feelings into your workplace with these simple tips.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

One third of employees report that they struggle to maintain a positive work-life balance. During the holidays, your employees will want more personal time. One way to show your concern for your employees’ well-being during the holidays is to consider their working preferences during such a busy time of the year, such as offering options like flex schedules and the ability to work remote. Also, encourage both in-office and remote employee to recognize and thank coworkers who willingly help fill work gaps when they’re away on vacation.


Set Year-End Goals

Work with your employees to set and maintain the company’s year-end goals. Communicate your guidelines and policies for getting work done during the busy holiday season. The more you work with your employees to set reasonable year-end goals and the more recognition you give employees for successfully meeting goals, the more your workforce will believe in the company values. Knowing that they are doing a great job and that their work is appreciated can boost feelings of security and job satisfaction during what can be a nervous time of year.

Plan Employee Celebrations

Sponsor holiday activities that encourage your employees to build relationships, such as planning the after-hours Christmas party. Social events can also include service projects, such as a team of employees who donate time to feed Thanksgiving meals to the homeless. Or host simple activities to strengthen teamwork and encourage your employees to work together.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to start getting your employees engaged in the workplace. They want to feel recognized every day including the holiday season. If people recognize each other throughout the year, they enter the holiday period and the New Year as a team working together towards business success.

A Cup of Meaningful Recognition