Holiday Gifts Ideas for Your Employees And Clients

The holiday season is upon us. From October to December, there are so many reasons to celebrate with employees and clients alike. If you are looking for holiday gift ideas, we hope that this article will give you some ideas to think about.
What To Consider When Picking Holiday Gifts
First, let’s talk about a couple of things to consider when picking holiday gifts. The best gifts are personal, usable, and well-presented. Let’s dive into what these considerations mean:
Make It Personal
First, you want to make it personal. If you are only giving out a handful of gifts, you could take the extra time to pick out gifts for each person you are gifting something to. That’s not a scalable approach to gift-giving, though. To make personal a bit more scalable, you could monogram or add names to your gifts, so they have a personal touch.
Make It Usable
The best corporate gifts are usable. You want your employees and clients to integrate these gifts into their everyday lives. For example, one of the gifts you send could be a branded water bottle or coffee mug. Employees or clients would use these gifts every time they drink water with that bottle or have a morning coffee in that mug. Gifts like this continually remind your employees and clients why they love working with your company.
Make It Look Good
Lastly, you want to make the gifts you send to employees and clients look good. You can do this by paying attention to the small details (or getting someone to do that for you.) Did you know that we offer custom packaging and kitting at Levy Recognition? We can bring your packaging dreams to life with our in-house team of graphic designers and warehouse staff.
Holiday Gift Ideas Your People Will Love
Now that we know what to think about when picking gifts for your team, let’s go over a few excellent holiday gift ideas:
1. Technology
First, you can consider giving away something nice in the technology space. You don’t have to give out brand new MacBook Pros, but something small like a power bank, noise-canceling headphones, or a computer case can be a wonderful gift for employees and clients alike.

2. Savory/Sweet Treats
Everyone loves a nice treat. Consider giving your employees or clients a lovely gift basket full of candy, chips, popcorn, or any other treat they love to eat.
3. Event Tickets
Whether you are giving out tickets to a concert or an interesting lecture/class, event tickets are sure to be a fantastic gift for your people. Depending on the event, you might even be able to get a discount for purchasing several tickets at once.
4. Money/Bonuses
We could all use a little bit of money during the holidays. According to LendingTree, 31% of Americans took on debt during the 2020 holiday season. If you can help your employees by giving out a bonus during this time, it will save them years of stress.
5. A Nice Bottle Of Wine
Last but not least, try giving out a nice bottle of wine or alcohol if your employees or clients aren’t struggling with addiction. There are so many celebrations, and a bottle of wine could come in handy.

Conclusion: Celebrate Your Team
You have some incredible people in your corner, and it’s time to remind them how much you care. By giving a fun gift (and using  Levy Recognition to drop ship these items), you will make a fantastic impression on your people.

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