Hot Promotional Products for 2018

It’s time to ring in the new year. Figuring out what the hot trending promotional products of 2018 will be is essential to your marketing plans. Strategic marketing and promotional plans rely on your ability to stretch your marketing budget and purchase promotional items that guarantee to make an impact. Levy Recognition has done the research for you! Let us help you plan your promotional product marketing strategy for 2018!

The first step to planning your 2018 marketing and promotion efforts is to look back at the last year. Decide what worked and what didn’t and use this information to set your direction for 2018.

Here are some thought-provoking questions to consider:

  1. How well did your promotional products resonate with audiences in the past year?
  2. Overall, is your brand awareness improving?
  3. Did your products have a call to action printed on them? Was it effective?

Once you have an idea of what worked in 2017, it’s time to think strategically about the New Year. It’s time to figure out how to extend your reach and turn your promotional product marketing plan into a more effective strategy in 2018. Check out these emerging trends in promotional products. Get your marketing strategy fired up with some of the best promotional items for 2018.

Wireless Technology

Wireless charging products are in demand. People want to be connected 24/7, so battery power has become a hot commodity. Why not take advantage of this trend in your marketing strategy for 2018? Wireless technology and charging products are emerging as popular promotional products.

Nostalgic Items

People love being taken back to their youth. Nostalgic games, toys, and gadgets have the power to connect to people on a personal level. That’s why items that remind people of their childhood are really popular right now. Look for promotional products that have modern use, but are designed to bring back memories of the past. A Bluetooth speaker designed to look like an old boom box is a great balance of old and new. Vintage inspired sunglasses, bottle openers, and lunch boxes are both useful and memorable.

Fitness Gear

The last few years have been all about fitness. Society as a whole is becoming more health conscious. Put your brand in front of customers every day by giving them items they’ll use while making healthier choices for themselves and their families. Pedometers, heart trackers, microfiber towels, yoga mats and sports bags are great choices for fitness savvy customers.

Practical Use Products

When choosing promotional products, you should always look for items with a long shelf life. You’ll want to give your customers something they’ll use regularly. Some promotional items that are expected to be hot in 2018 include:

  • Vacuum tumblers
  • Notebooks and organizers
  • Phone cases and tablet sleeves
  • Travel kits and roadside safety kits
  • USB flash drives

Taking time to plan a marketing strategy that includes promotional products is an important step in promoting your business. Now that you know the latest promotional product trends for 2018, you can bid farewell to last year’s efforts and look forward to the new year of successful brand promotion. Levy Recognition has the branded merchandise and promotional products you need to get started.

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