How Colleges and Universities can Benefit from a Recognition Program

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for; everyone is gathered in the center of the playing field to witness a prize trophy being presented to the champions of their sport. Hoisted above the heads of America’s top collegiate athletes, a beautifully crafted trophy has a way of capturing everyone’s attention and lending its hand in the celebration of winning a hard-fought competition. It is the symbol of ultimate success at the end of the season.

At Levy Recognition, we believe that recognition isn’t just for collegiate athletes at the end of a conference season. There are numerous ways colleges and universities can embrace custom awards and recognition throughout the academic year. Here’s a few ways your school can benefit from a custom recognition program.

  1. Satisfying Your Customers and Their Parents
  2. Boost Faculty and Staff Dedication
  3. Drive Student-Athlete Success



Satisfying Your Customers and Their Parents

The student experience should be one of your organization's top priorities. Your students and their parents are your customers. They are investing a lot of money into your product. Creating a satisfying learning environment is a lot like creating a healthy work environment. Students need to feel like their commitment to your school goes beyond participating in pep rallies or joining Greek life. Having a rewarding educational path that encourages them to succeed can make students feel satisfied with their choice to attend your institution.

For many of your students, academics is where their talents truly shine. Create an awards program that recognizes top academic performers. Programs can be as simple as awards certificates for students who make the Dean’s List, or as elaborate as creating custom plaques to recognize high achievers in their field of study. Individual awards can be given to students in the categories of Leadership, Mentorship, Volunteerism, and Campus Impact. Expand your awards program to recognize students who are involved in campus organizations and clubs.

By giving students something to work towards, they feel more committed to their academics. Being part of a college or university that rewards them for their achievements gives them the satisfaction that they chose a learning environment that appreciates their commitment and dedication. Parents will be satisfied they have sent their son or daughter to a school that holds academia in high regard and be at ease knowing you offering the best education possible.



Boost Faculty and Staff Dedication

Your educational institution is a business. Your professors are your employees. Just like those in other companies, your employees need affirmation that the work they are doing is appreciated. Taking time to celebrate your employees can fuel their dedication to your college or university.

There are many reasons your professors might consider leaving your organization. Often times they want to further their own studies, teach at a higher level, or simply go to a school that will recognize them for their current work. University professors spend hours putting together teaching plans, grading papers, counseling students, and providing an outstanding educational experience for your customers.

Creating an employee recognition program encourages school spirit, celebrates long-standing faculty and staff for their dedication, and can inspire employees to continue being part of your school. Having an employee awards program that thanks your faculty and staff for their commitment is key to keep them coming back each school year ready to help provide students with the best educational experience.

Drive Student-Athlete Success

All too often, student-athletes are put under the stress and anxiety of not only bringing a championship title to their university but doing it while also maintaining a high-grade point average. Many student-athletes give their all on the competition field and often struggle to find academic success.

Your university is tasked with the very big job of recognizing student-athletes both on and off the field. Colleges and universities who take time to recognize student-athletes for their achievements in the classroom and on the playing field may contribute to the student’s ability to stay focused and motivated.

Being motivated to perform well in the classroom can mean higher degree completion rates among athletes, making them more prepared to take on “real world” careers after graduation. If you think all of your university’s student-athletes will succeed professionally in their sport, think again. In all sports, the chances of a student going from college to pro is less than 2% in the United States. It is critical to postgraduate success that student-athletes remain dedicated to their studies. Colleges and universities can keep college athletes engaged through a variety of recognition techniques including Academic Honors, Campus Leadership Awards, Campus Involvement, and Athletic Honors for high achievement in both their studies and their sport.

There are numerous benefits to implementing an all-in-one recognition program at your college or university. A recognition program can unify your campus, boost school spirit, and drive success.

Start engaging your customers, your faculty, and your student-athletes today!  

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