How to Create an Informal Recognition Program

Being aware of your employees’ accomplishments and offering them praise, helps build a productive work atmosphere. An informal recognition program allows your leaders to provide this feedback daily, or as need be. While an established program, such as a Service Award program, is geared toward more overall accomplishments.

When creating an informal program for your company, or if you are a manager trying to establish one for your division, here are a couple tips that help make the program a success:

Ask Your Employees How They Want to be Acknowledged
Most issues in the workplace derive from miscommunication. Employee recognition is another place this can lead you afoul.

As a manager, you should be taking the time to individually relate to each of your employees. We’re sure each of them has a personal work style, so each of them probably has a way they prefer to receive praise.

For instance, some people may not want their accomplishments brought to the attention of everyone, but rather addressed in a one-on-one conversation with you.

Offer Specific Praise

Giving everyone in your division the same feedback will not help your employees feel valued. Offer specific details into what they accomplished. Instead of a simple “Great job!” alter it to their situation; “Great job on creating that proposal Steve, it will really help the Sales team with their acquisitions.”


When an employee accomplished something, offer them the feedback right then and there! Do not wait for three weeks down the road at the company meeting to let them know.

Show Your Appreciation in Multiple Ways

You have a coffee-loving staff? Bring in coffee and donuts to one of the company meetings. New staff member? Offer to take them out to lunch. Interacting with your staff in less formal ways can help them not only feel appreciated, but also make them feel more human, and not just another robot working for you.

Do Not Forget Large Accomplishments

Celebrating a 25th anniversary of an employee or the launch of a new website are not normal accomplishments; do not forget to offer specific, formal awards for these.
An informal recognition program partnered with either a formal recognition program, will offer the perfect combination to have happy, loyal employees.

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