How To Wow Your People With Custom Gift Packaging And Kitting

As the end of the year gets closer, employers often think about custom awards and getting appreciation gifts to their team. Since many organizations are working remotely, custom gift packaging and kitting services have become even more essential. Today, we will go through how to wow your people (employees, customers, vendors, etc.) with custom gift packaging and kitting.

Celebrating Your People Is Essential

You have a lot of people to celebrate. Employees and customers need a little love and appreciation. The need for recognition has become essential for employees during The Great Resignation.

Do you want to hold an event to celebrate your people this year? Check out our latest resource on end of the year awards.

The Importance Of Gift Packaging And Kitting In 2021

As many companies continue to work from home in 2021, it is critical to focus on gift packaging and kitting.
Did you know that there was a 10x increase in kitting food gifts in 2020? Many companies want to create an experience for their staff members, especially since they aren’t sharing the gifts in person.
When you want to wow your employees and customers, all the small details matter, like a well-put-together gift kit and custom boxes for the gift.

How To Create Custom Gift Packaging For Your Team

There are many ways to create custom gift packaging and kitting for your business. You might decide to get some nice boxes, some on-brand tissue paper/filler, presents for your team, and do the kitting yourself. Kitting is time consumptive, but if you are on a tiny budget, it’s doable.
As your team grows, you’ll probably find that doing this yourself can become a massive headache. Instead of calling it quits on celebrating your team this way, partner up with a service like Levy Recognition to help you handle this entire process.

When To Reach Out To Get Custom Packaging And Kitting

If you are concerned about when to reach out with your request, we suggest the earlier, the better. Custom packaging and kitting takes time.
So, what are you trying to do when you reach out about custom packaging and kitting? Here are some example questions you can ask vendors:
      Do you have some examples of gift packaging or kitting you’ve done in the past?
      What is your timeline if I want my gifts delivered by _____?
      How do you approach designing this experience for my team?
      What do you do in-house versus outsource?
      Do you have an estimate I can discuss with my team?
      Can I get a sample of what my gift will look like?
If you need to, talk to several vendors. You want to make sure the services work for you and your team.

Let Levy Recognition Help You

Are you stuck on how to move forward with custom gift packaging and kitting? Let Levy Recognition help! We have the resources to turn your gift idea into a reality. We can take care of all the details, from custom branded merchandise to the packaging it goes in. Best of all, we can dropship gifts, so you don’t have to worry about company gifts getting to their intended location! Partner with us to have a magical experience sending end-of-the-year awards and appreciation gifts.

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