How We Manufacture Awards In Our Florida Facility

Custom awards aren’t easy to create, but we’ve built a seamless process from idea generation to delivery that our customers enjoy.

Entrusting someone to turn your vision into a reality can be difficult. Custom awards aren’t easy to create, but we’ve built a seamless process from idea generation to delivery that our customers enjoy. If you want to know a bit more about how we manufacture awards in our Florida facility, keep reading.

1) Idea Generation And Concept Development

Before we can produce any trophies, we have to consult the customer. Our sales representatives work with you to understand your needs. It all starts when you request a quote on our website. Our sales representatives get access to your quote request and consider the number of awards you need, your budget, and the event date before connecting with you.
On the consultation, we dig deeper to understand your vision and create concepts. We can start this process by going through our hefty portfolio of awards, looking at awards you love, or going over a sketch you’ve made.
Once ideas have been sufficiently generated, we work with our in-house designers to create a concept and bring it to life using a computer-generated mockup. We work with you to make sure you are happy with the award mockup. Then it’s time to start manufacturing!

2) Manufacturing & Assembly

One unique thing about Levy Recognition is that we go beyond concepts, and we do more than manufacture simple trophies. Our manufacturing facility allows us to have a ton of control over the finished product. We won’t farm your concept out to a cheap facility.
Once the concept is finished, it goes to manufacturing and assembly. We can work on several types of awards like acrylic, crystal, wood, metal, mixed media, and more. We can create trophies, plaques, medals, jewelry, and more.
Sandblasting allows us to etch beautifully detailed words directly into the awards to create something exceptional for your team. We also have direct color printing abilities, which means that our awards can be as colorful as your brand is.
After all of the pieces of an award are produced, our manufacturing team comes together to assemble each award with care.

3) Inspection & Delivery

Once an award is assembled, it doesn’t go directly to you. We have production managers examine every single award that leaves our facility. They double and triple-check the award to ensure that it meets our standards and that it looks like the agreed-upon concept.
Delivery is the next part of this process. We pack and ship your awards with care to make sure they get to their intended destination unscathed. There should be no surprises when it comes to our awards, but we have an excellent customer service team to help you if something were to happen.
Typically, we’ll deliver the awards in one batch. Depending on how you purchased the award, we can even drop ship awards for you, saving you time and energy if you are a remote or hybrid company.


Working with a company to manufacture your awards takes a lot of trust. Hopefully, this quick article gave you insight into what production looks like at our Florida facility. We have decades of experience working with small and large companies alike, and we’d love to add your organization to our roster.

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