HR Success Driven by Employee Recognition

Employee recognition programs are powerful human resources tools. They contain valuable messaging and provide the motivation employees need to stay engaged in the workplace. Human resources departments can utilize customizable programs to foster employee development and support company goals. Companies implement recognition programs for a variety of reasons, but most of the time, it’s to improve employee retention and boost engagement. Recognition programs are a proven way to increase employee satisfaction and production, but they are capable of so much more.

Here are a few ways your company’s employee recognition program can be used to support human resources initiatives.

Stronger Company Culture

Employees are happier and more engaged at work when they feel pride in the work they do. They want to feel connected to the organization and know that their work has meaning. Your employee recognition program should cater to these needs. When linked to your company’s mission and values, an employee recognition program helps to align employees with company goals and motivate them to achieve those goals. When they are inspired to be part of the program, they are inadvertently strengthening your company’s culture.

One of the most effective ways to ensure employees are a connected part of your recognition program is to model your program features after company values. Create custom badges and eCards to recognize employees who demonstrate loyalty, superior service, or quality. This reinforces your company’s values and gives employees a positive impression of the company’s mission. It also retains employees by making them feel encouraged to continue doing meaningful work.

Maximize your efforts by utilizing forum chats and social walls to encourage open dialog and peer-to-peer recognition. Participating in discussion forums and posting recognition in a public venue is a great way to maintain a culture of transparent leadership. Answering their questions and showing appreciation for employees builds trust and respect throughout your business and demonstrates your company’s culture.

Increased Communication

Communications challenges can affect businesses of every size. More and more companies are turning to their employee recognition program to resolve many of their communication issues. An employee recognition program can be a centralized hub for cross-department communication.

Along with open discussions and peer-to-peer recognition, employee recognition programs can be used to update employees with relevant company information. Some examples of how an employee recognition program and improve communication in your company:

  • Employees can use the program as a portal to watch training videos or participate in performance reviews.
  • Share important company news and information on the social wall or in forum posts. You can even send company newsletters and emails highlighting special announcements.
  • Use the program’s social wall to communicate when an employee has completed a big assignment and invite everyone to congratulate their accomplishments.
  • Survey employees and learn more about their workplace wants and needs for your HR department to continue offering the benefits they deem valuable.
  • Help your company grow by posting job openings so that employees can see advancement opportunities or recommend your company to talented job seekers.

Not only can your employee recognition program be used as a powerful communication tool, but it can also be used to increase employee engagement. Utilizing all the program features and customizing modules to suit your company’s communication needs can increase employee participation in things going on throughout the company. The program gives them a place to read news updates, share information, and participate in providing feedback about company initiatives. They can share ideas and even share with others outside the company all the perks and benefits of working there.

Improved Employee Relationships

A primary goal of many companies is to create a workplace that employees find attractive and enjoyable. They offer catered lunches, ping pong tables in the break room, and even nap lounges for employees to relax and enjoy. While these things are a great way to make employees feel welcomed and appreciated in the workplace, they aren’t the only things employees want.

Most employees want to feel connected to the workplace. They want to be part of beneficial relationships that help them develop both personally and professionally. Showing appreciation for excellent work does so much to improve the relationships employees have with their managers, their peers, and the company. You can create lasting employee relationships by making them feel valued.

Your employee recognition program can be used to thank employees, send notes of motivation and appreciation, and recognize employees for their achievements. Employees who feel valued are more trusting of their superiors and tend to feel closer to them. This creates stronger relationships and connects employees to the organization in a way that promotes success.


Often, human resource departments are challenged to offer solutions that help companies meet their employee engagement and retention goals. An employee recognition program can remedy many of the factors that contribute to employee turnover and lost productivity. They can also help strengthen the company culture, increase communication, and help employees build lasting relationships. When your company demonstrates its commitment to creating a healthy environment for its employees and recognizes them for their contributions, you benefit from having higher engagement levels and dedicated employees who are active in contributing to the company’s mission and bottom-line.

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