Is Your Recognition Program Buzz Worthy?

You’ve put the time and money into creating your company’s employee recognition program. It’s time to get it off the ground and implement it in the workplace. It’s exciting, and you’re ready for your employees to get excited about it too. What you want most is to have your employees engaged in using the program and the company experiencing the benefits of a recognition-rich culture.

You built a great program, but the question remains, “Will employees use it?”

Launching a successful reward and recognition program takes thoughtful preparation and planning. You want to build hype, create buzz, and get your employees excited about what is to come. Here are some of the best practices for generating excitement and launching a buzz-worthy program your employees are sure to embrace and engage.


Showcase Your Brand

Your program should reflect your company. The software you choose to host your program should incorporate your logo, brand colors, and your company mission. Isn’t that the point of the program? To enforce your company values and keep your employees engaged in the work they are doing?

Build their excitement for the program by posting teasers around the office showcasing your brand and giving hints as to what they can expect from your new program. Fliers, posters, and email campaigns can help get the office buzzing.


Get Your Employees Involved

One of the best ways to get your employees excited about the new program is to make them part of the action. Poll a group of employees when making decisions about how to name the program, customize its features, and what things to have as part of the launch.

Pictures of your people doing what they do best is sure to have an impact on your program’s popularity. Display photos of your employees part of the recognition program platform and showcase examples of things such as ecards, social posts, and launch posters.

If you are hosting a program launch party, ask a group of employees if they wouldn’t mind helping plan the decorations, food, or other activities. If you are keeping the program a secret until it’s time for the big reveal, remind them not to spoil any surprises.


Get Leadership On Board

A key component of running a successful program is making sure company leaders are supportive and ready to utilize the program. Make sure they have the knowledge and skills to recognize staff in a meaningful and respectful way. You might want to host a few pre-launch workshops for leaders that focus on the importance of recognition and how to use the program strategically. Provide company leaders with early access before the program launches and allow them to ask questions and get familiar with using the program. Remember, their buy-in is important for program success. Their influence and active use of the program will set an example for how all employees should use the program.


Launch the Program and Celebrate

On launch day, keep the buzz going by decorating the office and passing out little hints throughout the day as to what the fuss is about. Decorate with posters, streamers, and balloons. You might want to host games and give out prizes throughout the day or run a competition to encourage employees to sign up and start using the program right away.

When it’s time for the big reveal, let your recognition program shine. Consider handing out onboarding packets containing login access, instructions, and recognition examples. Personalize the onboarding by including a personalized welcome letter, or packet insert with each employee’s name. Start recognizing right away by giving each employee a certificate for a few introductory points (if your program is points-based) or just a way of thanking them for their participation in the launch event.

Give a demonstration of how it works and invite employees to try it out for themselves. Make sure everyone is given access to the program by the end of the event to ensure they are ready to start using it while the excitement is still buzzing.

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