Levy League Update: Improved Communication (Weeks 1-4)

The competition is heating up in the Levy League and employee engagement around the office is at an all-time high. Since creating the league, employees at Levy Recognition  have been more encouraged to interact with each other.

At any company, “improve communication” is always on the to-do list. The importance of communication between different departments in an organization becomes most evident when that communication breaks down. When a company is small, everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Fast forward a few years when the company has hired new team members and restructured departments, suddenly, that flow of information sharing slows, or even comes to a halt.

Companies spend time and money trying to implement policies and strategies to strengthen inter-departmental communication. At Levy, we simply get the conversation started by saying, “Hey, how’s your fantasy team doing?”

Even employees not participating in the league have become part of the conversation and everyone is eager to hear about the week’s big winners. Levy League talk has become an effective icebreaker that encourages employees to get up from their desks and engage with others around the office. The best part- employees exhibit the confidence to approach each other and communicate in a more effective way.

Accurate and efficient communication between departments builds trust within the organization. Having a common topic of discussion (like fantasy sports) creates an effective segue into more important conversations. Levy employees have exhibited an extra boost of confidence as they engage with each other to discuss both sports and business.

Fantasy football has become a tool that allows Levy employees to communicate and work harmoniously. In addition to helping employees to feel more comfortable approaching fellow coworkers, the Levy League has enabled better communication between teams and smoother business operation.

Levy League Standings after Weeks One through Four

Eastern Division

Team Name


Team Owner

Dude, You’re Getting O-Dell!



WickedWheelie 1



Flaccoroni and Cheese


Luck Dynasty



Team Stevenson1-3W1



Western Division

Team Name

RecordStreakTeam Owner


Bailey Bruisers3-1W1


Team Adams

Team Esdaile2-2L2


Sassy Skins0-4L4



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