Levy Recognition’s Annual Ugly Sweater Contest

‘Tis the season for tradition, and a Levy tradition is ugly sweaters.

Our Production Department dominated this year. Our first place winner, Nicole, created a Florida inspired holiday sweater. First runner-up, Greg, actually wore one of his mom’s old Christmas vests!

It’s always fun to see the kooky things people wear, and who can pull one out of their own closet! Of course we enjoy making the awards for our employees to enjoy as well; it’s a nice change for them to be on the receiving end! The custom designs were made to look like snow globes.

Thank you to all of the Levy employees, your tireless efforts make a difference in people’s lives daily.

Thank you to the management of Levy, and our President and CEO, Michele Adams. You all make it a fun and interesting place to work, and urge all of your employees to grow and have fun.

Thank you to our customers, without you the past 50 years would have been a tad quiet.

Happy holidays from the Levy family to yours! We hope you get extra time with loved ones, and have a relaxed, fun holiday season!

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