Linking Up: Business Networking with a Round of Golf

August is National Golf Month. It’s a great excuse to get out on the greens and build connections with business men and women who enjoy the game. No other networking group knows how to celebrate National Golf Month like the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA).

The EWGA is an international networking group for women who enjoy playing, learning, and teaching the game of golf. EWGA hosts thousands of golf, social and networking opportunities annually as well as offering EWGA members the opportunity to participate in major national competitions and events. These women never miss an opportunity to form friendships and business partnerships while also having a little fun.

Forming business relationships takes time. Loyalty goes a long way so starting and maintaining trust and communication with potential clients or partners is an essential ingredient in the recipe for business success. Modern business culture emphasizes the importance of first impressions; however, it is near impossible to establish a foundation with someone after just one meeting. It is especially difficult to cultivate a new business relationship during a short networking hour at some sort of corporate event.

The women of EWGA know that “linking up” for a game of golf is an easy way to secure an additional opportunity to get to know someone you might be interested in doing business with in the future. For many, it is a lot easier to commit to a round of golf than to a formal business meeting because it takes the stress out of business development and focuses on relationship development. Business men and women who enjoy the game of golf love the opportunity to get out of the office and network with others who share their passion.

The best part? You don’t have to be a good golfer to make a great impression on the course. Take your time, learn about the game, and socialize with your newfound network of career men and women. Your business proposal will be better received after a few hours of getting to know each other on a personal level. Bonding experiences on the golf course can create lasting trust and friendship among business partners.

Levy Recognition has had the honor of being the national awards partner for the EWGA for several years. Throughout our partnership, we have enjoyed the opportunity to attend events and network with women dedicated to sharing both their passion for golf and their passion for business with us.

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