Measuring Impact

Dear Levy,

We recently implemented an Employee Recognition Program in our workplace. How should I measure the impact of the program? Are their any tools or key metrics you would recommend that I use?

--Measuring the Impact of Recognition



Dear Measuring Impact,

Hooray! I’m proud of you and your efforts to build an effective recognition program. It’s an exciting time, but I can imagine the swirling of worries running through your head. Worrying about program effectiveness is one of the most common reasons people give up on recognition.

Don’t give up! Here are some ways to measure program effectiveness.

It can take time for a new program to yield results. An early indicator of program success might be to check the status of employee morale. Are they excited to use the program? Are they logging in, asking questions, and making an effort to interact with the program? If not, consider how you are presenting the program to them. Leading by example goes a long way when it comes to promoting new tools and programs in the workplace.

Employee engagement with the program can se the baseline to measure other key metrics such as productivity and performance. Measure productivity and performance impacts by amount of retention, absence rates, and productivity per employee. Institute program-reach metrics to understand the percentage of employees who are awarded, geographic and demographic penetration, and frequency of awards.

Use your company’s values and objectives to help shape what success looks like for your program. Once your program has been in effect for some time, you will start to see trends in employee productivity, engagement, morale, and performance.

Sometimes the easiest way to measure the success of your program is to ask your employees what they think and how they feel about it. Effectiveness of adoption and cultural impact can be determined by an annual staff survey that outlines employee understanding of the reason for recognition and the influence it has on their work.

Be sure you are communicating with your employees the importance of their feedback in what they need and want from a recognition program. For managers and supervisors, keep in mind that demonstrated appreciation and continual investment in the program sets the best example for what you expect from your employees. Be sure everyone from the top down is fully engaged in the program and you are sure to see a positive outcome.

Cheers to Your Program and Best of Luck,

Recognition Rachel

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