Miss Tampa 2013 Visits Levy Recognition

On March 22, 2013, Levy Recognition was pleased to welcome Ashley Ramsey, Miss Tampa 2013, to our new corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida. During Miss Tampa’s visit we were able to sit down, chat, ask her a few questions, and give her a tour of our state-of-the-art production facility. She was able to get an insider’s look at the behind the scenes operations and what it takes to be the industry’s leading producer of custom awards.

When asked how she got her start in the pageant world, Ramsey surprisingly enough said, “I have not been doing this a long time, however, since I was a child I dreamed of being Miss. America. I had a great talent of baton twirling, so I decided after having a friend participate in the Miss Seminole scholarship program, I took a chance and placed 4th at the Miss Tampa program 5 years ago.” She recalled the process of getting ready in two weeks before the competition back then and the feeling that the 4th place win was only a place to start.
Now on her way to the Miss Florida competition in July, Ramsey is out in the community promoting her Anti-Bullying platform. She said, “as someone who was bullied as a young child, my number 1 focus is to teach parents and teachers the signs of bullying and provide seminars to students and others interested in being informed about bullying.”
Ramsey has this to say about today's role models, “Millions of dollars are spent on athletes, but our military, police, firefighters and teachers who are the mold builders of our children are severely underpaid. That truly is something very hard to think about." Before leaving, Ramsey gave some advice on being a role model to young adults. Something she hopes for young people is for them to “Find that one thing you’re passionate about and focus on it and it will take you to the next level.”

Thank you so much Ashley Ramsey, Miss Tampa 2013 for taking the time to stop by Levy and share your journey to end bullying thus far.
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