Motivating Sales

Dear Levy,

Our sales team is struggling to stay focused. They are doing a good job, but losing stamina and seem to be in a rut. What can sales teams do to stay motivated in tough selling environments?

--Keeping Sales Teams Motivated


Dear Motivating Sales,

Even the most efficient sales teams for the biggest brands struggle with this same issue. During sales dry spells, your employees start to feel a little down on themselves. It is challenging to keep them motivated when they are feeling inefficient in their abilities as sales professionals.

And while hanging a few motivational posters, or sending a motivational quote in a chain email might boost their spirits for a few minutes, long-term motivation is far more difficult than that. Not only are there many external factors that affect motivation, every person requires different incentives and motivational tactics.

You can’t motivate someone unless you know what drives them. Ask your sales professionals questions about their goals. Find out what they want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives. This will not only show you them that you support their success, but also gives you insight into what things will motivate them the most.

Most people are motivated by the opportunity to set and achieve specific goals. Work with your sales team to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Display your team’s goals and track progress. Each time your sales representatives looks at them, they’ll think about the progress they have made and be motivated to keep working towards that goal. As goals are met, be sure to give your sales teams rewards and recognition that will keep them wanting more!

Another way to motivate sales professionals is to help them with their sales process. Each sales person has their own approach to the sales process. Sit with them, find out how they approach prospective clients and offer feedback that can improve their approach. Find out what makes each person feel good about their job. Whenever possible, remind them that even though they are experiencing a sales drought, their work is valued and that they remain an important part of your team.

Ultimately, inspiring motivation is about finding the thing that makes your reps willing to go the extra mile. People who aren’t motivated won’t suddenly become top performers if you aren’t actively involved in the motivation process. Find the thing that makes your sales team tick and start doing those things in your workplace. Your efforts will begin to take effect and your team will soon find their shine.


Keep Shining,

Recognition Rachel

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