National Women’s Small Business Month

Though October is usually donned in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there’s another reason to be sporting the pink: National Women’s Small Business Month. There are now almost 10 million woman-owned businesses in the US, and they generate more than 1.4 trillion dollars of revenue.

Levy Recognition proudly partakes in National Women’s Small Business Month. At our helm is Michele Adams; having founded one business and acquired three, she’s a formidable presence in the business world.

In honor of National Small Business Month, we wanted to honor Michele and all of her achievements. Her accomplishments can inspire others and prove the impact woman-owned businesses have.


About Michele:

Michele always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She grew up working in her father’s promotional products company. After she graduated college, she began working there full time and climbed her way to Vice President of Sales.

She bought a franchise of Proforma Global Sourcing in 2001. In the 14 years she has owned it, she has moved herself into the “million dollar club,” something less than 10 percent of their franchises have achieved, and has become number one in distributor sales.

She acquired Levy Recognition, a four million dollar company, in 2012. To partner with Levy Recognition’s custom awards capabilities, she bought Forte Promo, a 100 percent online full promotional product store.

Within the last year, Michele has picked up another Proforma company, Safety Pros, to focus on the safety incentive industry.

Michele’s biggest advice is, “love what you do. Make sure you absolutely love what you do. Make sure you know all there possibly is about the field you are going to go into, because probably the biggest stumbling block is not understanding the market, not understanding the business, not understanding your competition.”

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