New Employee Welcome Kit

New employees are always nervous. Starting at a new organization you never know what to expect. Welcome Packages can help you organize all of the new hire paperwork for your HR department, but it can also help ease the transition into your company. Take the opportunity to infuse your brand’s personality and the feel of your office.

Welcome Letter

Say hi to your new employee. Give them an introduction of the company, your mission statement, how happy you have they chose your company, and how excited you are to work with them individually.

Offer a name and number of HR personnel they can contact with any questions about their new hire paperwork. Include the names of anyone you think could help them with questions they have during their transition.

HR Documents

Organizing all of the new hire paperwork makes HR’s job easier and lessens the confusion for the new employee.

Include tax forms, direct deposit forms, employee handbook, benefit information, and any other HR paperwork that needs to be completed. It’s helpful if you divide out the paperwork that’s for them to keep and what needs to be returned.

Get-to-Know-You Form

Establishing an informal or a formal recognition program requires someone to collect information about your employees. It is a good idea to include a sheet asking questions about your newest member.

Add in some questions aside from the standard HR ones. For instance, their date of birth, favorite cake, emergency contact information, any food allergies (or foods they hate), or other information you think will help you in the future.

Branded Merchandise

Offer them some notebooks with the company’s logo or some promotional pens. Your new employees will doubtless need them, and branded merchandise is a great way for them to show their support of the company.

This is a great way to incorporate your company’s culture into the packet. Discover sayings that reflect your team’s attitude or colors and designs that scream you. What items does your current staff use daily? As a financial institution maybe it’s a calculator, or as a health store maybe it’s a water bottle. Find the line between functional, practical and fun! You want to provide items that will actually be useful and make your employees excited to receive them.

Plus, having gifts on your desk when you arrive never ends badly!

A Map of the Company

If you are a large corporation, or even a small business, you can offer them a map of the office. When starting a new position, there are usually a million items thrown your way. A tour of the office usually takes place the first day, but with all of the other information cluttering your new employee’s mind, do you think they’ll really remember the location of Bob, the IT guy on the third floor in the second cubicle?

Take it as an opportunity to have fun, and demonstrate you understand they will probably have questions about the location of items in the office. Make it look like a treasure map or design it in the shape of your logo.

You can include information about the local area as well. What hot lunch spots are a favorite among the staff? Is there a park or food store close by? Getting acquainted with a job doesn’t just include the building you’re in.

Along with your map, or in lieu of, include a directory. Having everyone’s numbers, extensions, and email addresses right away will ensure they know who to contact with questions, and how.

Welcome packages will not only make your HR department’s job easier, but they will also help your employees feel recognized from the very beginning.

Start recognizing your employees from day one.

What would you include in your welcome kit? Contact us for more information on building custom welcome kits for new employees.

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