No Appreciation

Dear Levy,

I’m weighing out the pros and cons of an employee recognition program. Are there pros to not having a recognition program? What happens when an employee is never appreciated in his work environment?

--Weighing the Pros of No Appreciation



Dear No Appreciation,

I completely understand wanting to weigh the pros and cons of implementing an employee recognition program in your company. Creating such a program can seem like a costly and time-consuming endeavor. You’ll want to make sure the type of program you choose suits your company’s needs and budget. However, I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t recognize your employees.

A word of warning– while you are plucking flower petals asking “to recognize/not to recognize,” your employees are disengaged.

Employees who are underappreciated for their contributions in the workplace may feel disengaged and possibly disgruntled. You should consider the repercussions of a disengaged workforce. A Gallup poll revealed that only 33% of employees are engaged in their job. This means two-thirds of your workforce is looking to leave your company for a new opportunity.

By not using some form of recognition to motivate your employees, you may be lending to your company’s increased turnover rates, decreased employee empowerment, unsatisfactory employee performance, and poor team culture.

Recognition encourages teamwork, reinforces positive company culture, validates hard work, boosts spirits, and drives a productive employment relationship.

And if you’re worried about the cost, stop! Saying “thank you” is free!

You say thank you to the Starbucks barista who hands you your morning coffee– so why aren’t you saying it to your employees? Simply saying, “thank you” is a powerful way to show your employees appreciation. Take into account that it’s a free way to recognize their hard work and the fact that recognition is aligned to business success and it makes you wonder why you’re not recognizing more, doesn’t it?

In the words of Dr. Dre, I think you better recognize!

Recognition Rachel

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