Preserving a Legacy

When Quinchun Carey’s son was born, he started to think more of his life achievements and his legacy. A big part of his legacy was his college track and field competitions; the medals and certificates that represented his hard work and dedication.

That legacy was lost when his house was broken into years ago.

Coby Morrison, a friend of Carey’s, wanted to change that. He reached out to the Southland Conference to work towards replacing what was taken from his friend. The Southland Conference put Morrison in touch with us here at Levy Recognition. With many of our team members being past student-athletes, we could empathize with Carey’s loss and the crushing feeling of no longer having his awards to cherish. So, we decided to donate the replica pieces to him.


Both men competed in track and field from 2004-2007, with Carey winning 7 SLC Championship medals and placed 15th at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. Levy Recognition went to work replicating the same medals Carey won in his college competitions, three gold, one bronze, and three silver medals, while our art department designed replicas of his certificates from photos of the originals. The NCAA provided LMA with Carey’s bib from his Outdoor Championship to display at the base of the shadowbox. At the end, Carey was presented with all seven certificates and medals from his competitions.

Each medal serves as a reminder of his accomplishments proudly hanging on his son’s wall.

We firmly believe everyone deserves to have their moments of recognition. Thank you Quinchun Carey for being a great example of why we do what we do; we’re honored we could impact your life.

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