Re-Energize Your Employees and Boost Productivity this Spring

Do the long winter months have your staff feeling sluggish? As your business is moving into the spring season, you may be finding it difficult to get your staff motivated for the coming months. You can blame it on the winter cold, or you can blame it on daylight savings time, but no matter what the cause, your staff members are feeling a little lackluster. Now is the time to shake off the dreary winter and incorporate a few techniques to boost everyone’s energy just in time for spring.

What’s the highest energy level your team has ever had? Your employees are most productive when they have set goals and see progress. Calibrate where your team is on their energy levels right now. Knowing this will help you figure out the best way to keep that energy going, or raise the energy levels moving forward.

If there seems to be an energy gap among your employees, it’s time for company leaders to set the tone. You have to display the same level of energy you want your team to have. Boost staff morale by saying hello in the morning and goodbye at night. Be approachable and initiate an open door policy that allows your team to stop by and say hello to you each morning as well. Take interest in your employees and ask about their families. Show them you care about other things besides work. Also, enable your teams to enjoy and get to know each other. Staff members will feel remembered, appreciated, and more like a team.

Sometimes, revitalizing your staff is as easy as taking a walk outside. The arrival of spring means warmer, sunnier days. No one wants to be trapped at his or her desk on a beautiful day. Take your next staff meeting outside the office and let your team enjoy the fresh air and sun. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for everyone to meditate or take a quick walk, then regroup and host your meeting at a picnic table, park bench, or sitting in the grass if you choose. Believe it or not, your team will head back into the office feeling more energized and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Host a meeting outside.

Spring time is also a great time for growth. Learning new things, both professionally and personally, is what keeps us motivated and excited about life. Offer employees opportunities to further their education with classes, training, and other professional development courses. Likewise, give them time to develop their personal interests and involvement in charities or community service. Cultivating growth allows your staff to learn new skills and bring fresh ideas to the workplace.

From veteran employees to new hires, each of your team members has something that deserves recognition. The start of the spring season is a great time to introduce a staff recognition program that acknowledges all of the various forms of dedication throughout your organization. There are several types of employee recognition and rewards programs including:

  • Years of Service Appreciation
  • Employee Performance Rewards
  • Safety Recognition
  • Peer to Peer Recognition

Employee recognition programs motivate employees through positive reinforcement and give them the encouragement to keep up the hard work. Recognition programs also make it easy for company leaders to build relationships with their staff and show frequent, timely appreciation for the work they are doing.

Your employees are most productive when they are excited and full of energy. If your staff is starting to feel drained and uninspired, incorporate simple techniques to boost their morale. Most employees are willing to work hard, but there has to be enough energy to sustain the effort. Make this spring the time for your company to become one that recognizes that there is life outside of the office. Be a company that encourages personal and professional growth. Be a company that shows appreciation for your employee’s commitment.

Help your employees to love where they work and you just might start seeing a little bit of spring in their steps. Check out our Guide to Employee Recognition Programs to get started!

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