Recognition Awards

Praise and recognition are essential to business development. Companies that give recognition awards to employees who have done exemplary work see lower turnover rates and increased morale. People want to feel valued and respected by their superiors in the workplace. Levy Recognition can help your company create beautiful custom awards to suit all of your recognition needs!

We understand the art of recognition. For more than 50 years, Levy Recognition has helped businesses all over the country design unique recognition awards. We use a variety of materials including glass, wood, acrylic and metal to produce custom awards that incorporate your company’s distinct style.

Never underestimate the power of recognition. Studies show employees who are rewarded for going the extra mile are more productive and fulfilled in their careers. They express a greater loyalty to the company they work for and are eager to make contributions. Employees who are given recognition awards see the impact they are making on the company and know that their work is appreciated.

When Perdue Farms, the nationwide poultry grower and distributor, contacted Levy Recognition about creating custom recognition awards for their employees, we knew we had to give them something unique. We created not one, but two awards for them. The first award Perdue requested was for their Quality, Service and Reliability (QSR) Award. This award features a custom-designed acrylic and marble cast frying pan. The top three employees who demonstrate Perdue’s commitment to QSR received this fun award. Finalists for the award received small plaques. The second award is truly “Something to Crow About.” Designed to award the top three employees who have had outstanding performance in areas such as community service, environmental stewardship, business improvement and customer satisfaction, the Perdue Prime Performance Excellence Award features a crystal and marble top piece secured on a wooden base. Etched in the crystal top is a crowing rooster.

Recognition awards can be given for any number of reasons. Levy has helped companies recognize employees for their efforts in customer satisfaction, community service, team spirit, creativity and contributions to company projects. The best thing to do is link recognition awards to the completion of a task, special project or significant attribute. Then, decide how to visually represent the undertaking through a mix of design elements. Not sure what your award should look like? Let Levy Recognition lend a hand! Our design team is here to guide you through the entire process.

Whether you choose to recognize employees with plaques and trophies to be displayed on individuals’ desks, or a perpetual award to be displayed in the office, the key is to find creative ways that work for your company. Find something that serves as a constant reminder of the achievement. Design an award that has longevity and will proudly be displayed for years to come.

Our custom awards can be designed to incorporate your company’s brand. We won’t just etch your logo into a piece of glass and call it a day. At Levy, our goal is to create innovative, one-of-a-kind designs that serve as an extension of your company’s image. Your company culture can be expressed through an exquisitely designed custom award; ensuring your employees receive a recognition award that truly embraces their contribution to your company.

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