Recognition Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s no secret that employees who have a positive relationship with their employers are more likely to be enthusiastic in the workplace. Engaged employees pass their enthusiasm on to their customers and the result can boost the business’s bottom line. Yet, most office environments lack inspiration and do very little to encourage employee excitement. As psychologist Tom Muha recently wrote in an article for The Capital, recent polls show that “only 29% of employees in a typical company are actively engaged in their job.”

Why do so many employers overlook this very important aspect of business success? Turns out, many employers are under the impression that employee engagement is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. At Levy Recognition, we feel that employers do not have to spend a lot of money to boost employee engagement. Affordable staff appreciation is possible and can boost engagement through relationship building. One key element to building relationships is knowing how individual employees like to be recognized. Customizing recognition that suits the office environment can make workers feel valued. Here are a few affordable employee recognition ideas that won’t break the bank.

  1. Thank you notes- A small gesture can go a long way. Sending employees a small note of thanks periodically will remind them that their work is valued. To make the thank you note more personal, have everyone on the staff sign it before presenting it to the employee.
  2. Small gifts- Recognition in the form of a small gift does not have to be expensive. There are thousands of corporate gift options available. Custom stationary, branded merchandise and fun tech gadgets are just a few of the options available to businesses wanting to recognize employees.
  3. Social media love- One thing we do at Levy Recognition to make our employees feel appreciated is to recognize them on social media. A simple shout out on our company’s social media pages to an employee who is doing an exemplary job boosts morale and gives our followers an opportunity to be part of the fun. Employees recognized in our bi-weekly Recognition Friday posts are showered with appreciation from customers, friends, and family. Businesses wanting to implement this type of recognition can do so as often as they prefer. It is a great way to show prospects and clients that the business cares about their employees. It can also boost a company’s reputation.
  4. Employee awards program- Invite employees to nominate and vote on employee awards. In addition to awards for Top Manager, Rookie, and Most Valuable Employee, consider offering a “Behind the Scenes” award for humble employees who perform well, even if they’re not in the limelight. Employees will likely have even more creative ideas for awards. Inexpensive trophies, plaques, or other award designs can be made to present to the winners in each category.
  5. Create an employee game room- Who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition, or just the opportunity to take a break and have fun? Creating a break room space for employees to play board games and complete puzzles can encourage employees to interact with each other. Set up a leaderboard for favorite games and give other special rewards to the top winners.
  6. Company picnics, outings, and retreat days- Take your employees on a field trip to a nearby park for a bbq luncheon, or close the office for a day and do something fun. It is a nice way to give employees a break away from their regular routine and spend time bonding.

Employee recognition is a key ingredient in building a successful company. By showing employees appreciation on a regular basis, employee morale increases and their engagement is boosted.

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