Recognition Programs For Any Business

At Levy we’re constantly trying to innovate the art of recognition.

All recognition has one thing in common: it strengthens your company.

One area sweeping HR departments is Recognition Programs. Employee recognition programs have been proven to strengthen your bottom line and improve productivity. Businesses with strong employee recognition programs yield 12 times stronger business results than those without. 69% of employees work harder when they feel their efforts are appreciated, and companies with recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover rate.

Your staff and your organization are unique, so the best way to show appreciation varies per company; that’s why recognition programs are built specifically for your business. They range from overall employee recognition to sales to safety; the platform, access, and method are all customizable.

Here are some of the top recognition programs:

Employee recognition: Employee engagement programs can increase profits as much as $2400 per employee per year. These programs allow for the ability to show appreciation in real-time with easy-to-use platforms, e-cards, shout outs and other methods. They also tie in longer-term success by allowing custom awards and gifts for year-end awards.

Employee recognition programs allow everyone in the office to participate; for peer-to-peer recognition is just as important as managerial. 41% of companies that have used peer-to-peer recognition have seen an increase in customer satisfaction.

Safety Programs: Decreasing safety accidents helps every facet of the company. With safety programs, you can create rewards for no-accident periods, the ability to conduct quizzes and tests within the system, send out safety law updates, and allow peers and management to recognize someone following protocol and preventing safety breaches.

Service/ Incentive Programs: Decreasing employee turnover rate increases your bottom line; employees stay with companies that appreciate their hard work. Service programs allow you to offer custom awards or gifts for dedication to your company. The program tracks the length of service of each member of your business and sends custom links for them to access the program when they have reached a milestone. You can set price ranges of products included and price caps for each category of service.

Sales Recognition: Sales efforts drive a company. Like the other programs, you can pull in the entire sales team to allow peer recognition for reaching a goal or completing a successful sale. Management can provide recognition for hitting a certain goal, for customer service and satisfaction, for training and mentorship.

Recognition programs are perfect for any company in any field.

Our programs are completely customizable: build the program that works for you and your employees.

You have complete control over them: You get to decide what items are included, who has managerial access, what incentives are offers; from the beginning to the end.

Recognition shouldn’t be something else you check off your to-do list. It shouldn’t be another item to complete. It should be built into your company culture. That’s where Levy comes in. Your HR department will love us; we develop the program and oversee it. One centralized location for all of your recognition needs.

Give us a call or download our Employee Recognition Program Guide for more information!

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