Recognition Tips and Tools

At Levy Recognition, we believe that recognition should be embedded in every aspect of the workday. We are excited to offer organizations ways to not only show appreciation for their employees but also invite them to be engaged with the program and shape it into something they love.

Recognition is a very effective way to improve employee morale and engagement. As a result, company goals, such as increased production or reducing turnover, also becomes possible.

Sounds good, right?

However, not just any recognition program is going to work.

Many companies have turned to monetary compensation only to find that it isn’t as effective as other recognition tactics. Your rewards and recognition strategy should be motivating, inspiring, and allow employees to build a deeper connection with the company.

Do not fall into the trap of over-investing in a complicated tool that makes showing appreciation to your employees more difficult!

Instead, implement these recognition tips and tools into your program creation to boost engagement and keep your employees inspired to work hard. Read on to discover how Levy Recognition can help you implement the right tools to meet your recognition needs.


Make it Known

The way to any successful recognition program is to make sure your employees see the program being used. Employees want to feel appreciated and see their coworkers receiving gratitude for the great work they are doing. Express your appreciation in ways that helps employees know that you care and are an active part of the recognition program.

Program Preview: Levy Recognition’s cloud-based recognition program offers features like social walls, e-cards, and thank you emails that allow you to recognize employees publicly, or as part of a private message. Because the social aspect of our program functions like today’s popular social media platforms, employees can see posts and recognition shout outs sent to their peers. Employees are encouraged to be part of the process when they see you reaching out and expressing gratitude. By offering several methods of social and instant recognition, our program provides a little something for everyone. The more you utilize the program, the more you are inspiring others to do their best work!


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Make it Simple

The more steps employees must take to deliver and receive recognition, the lease likely they are to utilize the program. Develop a program that allows employees to send and receive peer-to-peer recognition and nominate each other for meaningful awards. Make sure supervisors, managers, and team leaders are an active part of the approval process to ensure that qualifying nominees receive the recognition their coworkers feel they deserve.

Program Preview: Levy’s SaaS platform makes giving recognition a breeze. Easy-to-use dashboards and program settings mean you are in control. As you are setting up your program, you are prompted to assign access and permissions to each of your user profiles. With just the click of a button, you can give supervisors and team members the tools they need to share recognition with the people they work with daily. Our program allows employees to submit nominations for prestigious company awards and provides a platform for company leaders to review the information before selecting award recipients.


Make it Trendy

Your employees spend their workday plugging away at the tasks and assignments you’ve assigned. Now and again, an employee stands out from the others and completes a large-scale project or achieves a big goal. Before stressing your graphics department to produce the age-old paper certificate print out, explore other, trendier ways to showcase your employee’s accomplishment.

Digital badges are a visible form of validation that indicates the successful completion of a task. Often, digital badges are awarded through an electronic platform after a person has done the work to attain a new skill or complete an educational goal. They are also used to denote participation in the things social valued by others in an organization. Digital badges can be earned for completing pre-determined requirements. They can have a significant impact on motivating employees to set goals, learn new things, and communicate their successes.

Program Preview: Levy’s employee recognition program allows you to customize a series of digital badges that can be awarded to employees for completing tasks and upholding the company’s mission and values. These badges are a powerful way to communicate appreciation and showcase employee achievements.




Make it Fun

There is nothing less motivating than knowing you spend over 2,000 hours a year at work. Even employees who genuinely love their jobs can struggle with feeling energetic and engaged every day. Everyone likes to have fun. Companies that don’t offer engaging activities outside of the day to day work that’s required will see a downslide of employee engagement and satisfaction.

Many companies turn to gamification tactics to engage their employees through a little bit of healthy competition. By proposing a challenge to your employees and tracking their progress over time, you can foster their engagement and motivate them to put forth their best efforts each day.

Program Preview: Nothing sparks the spirit of competition like displaying a leaderboard. It’s a fun way to display success visually. Whether you are tracking production numbers, sales numbers, or education and training completion success, there is a place on the leaderboard for everyone. Levy’s employee recognition program offers a real-time leaderboard system that displays top performers and provides the opportunity for everyone to celebrate and compete for recognition.    


Make it for Everyone

Recognition isn’t only about receiving. It’s also about giving. Your employees are the best at providing insights about their coworker’s performance. Let them show you how hard they work and how much they appreciate being part of your team! Be sure that your employee recognition program invites everyone to participate in giving and receiving rewards. Empower them to make critical decisions and provide them with the support they need to watch their ideas and contributions to the bigger picture come into fruition. Be sure to reward them along the way!

Program Preview: Knowing how your employees feel about their work environment and the culture you have created is key to managing employee engagement. By not giving your employees a platform to express their interests, provide feedback, and have an open discussion about the workplace can create feelings of disempowerment and dissatisfaction. Levy’s recognition platform offers a variety of tools to discover each employee’s unique workplace DNA. The program offers features that track employee behavior and give real-time, self-development recommendations. You can even develop employee surveys and feedback forums that give you a more in-depth insight into what they need to be more engaged in their work.

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