Recognizing 30 MLB Teams for Supplier Diversity Initiative

The Major League Baseball organization is taking a proactive step in supporting minority businesses and increasing diversity within the pro sports industry. They have a Diverse Business Partners Program and each year they host the MLB Diversity Business Summit giving minority businesses the opportunity to connect with the Organization for procurement activities.

Because we also strive to partner with organizations to foster mutually beneficial relationships in diverse communities, Levy Recognition recognized 30 MLB teams for their supplier diversity initiatives! We also awarded the Major League Baseball organization as a whole as they encourage the teams within the organization to support supplier diversity. As a women-owned business and minority supplier, we applaud their efforts in sourcing diverse vendors and also took it one step up to award the teams by creating each of them a custom acrylic award detailed with their respective logos.

We make sure that our products are of the highest quality available in the industry and seek partners who share the same interest level in their ethical and professional responsibilities.

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