Recognizing Association Members

Demonstrating your appreciation for and recognizing member contributions to your organization is important. Whether you are a non-profit group raising money for cancer research or a networking group building connections with business leaders in your community, you are a team working together to further the success of your organization. You want your organization’s members to enjoy their experience and feel like the time they give to the group is appreciated. Developing an on-going process to thank and recognize members can enhance their membership experience while also impacting the success of your organization.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when trying to think of reasons to recognize your organization’s members. You want each one to feel welcome, part of a team, valued and appreciated. But, before you begin printing paper certificates or creating superlatives for the member “most likely to…,” think of serious ways you’d like to be recognized. Consider the impact the organization has had on you and other members. After your experience with the organization, would you:

  • renew your membership?
  • continue your position as a member of the organization’s leadership?
  • want to explore other leadership opportunities within the organization?
  • recommend the organization to others in the community?
  • continue to support the cause of the organization?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, think about the people who have made your experience so positive. Would a silly superlative award be enough to thank those members for their dedication? If you answered “no,” you may want to take your member recognition program up a notch. Show your members what they mean to your organization with custom awards that recognize:

  • Years of Service or Longstanding Membership
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Inspiring other Members
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Volunteering and Furthering the Organization’s Values and Cause


Member Appreciation Trophies


Creating awards that reflect your organization’s goals and purpose doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are several options to choose from when it comes to custom recognition. Choose from custom plaques, crystal and acrylic awards, or custom trophies to express your thanks to organization members. The best part? Levy Recognition takes care of everything. You give us your ideas and we will help you create recognition pieces that are sure to make your members feel like they are part of an organization that truly appreciates their hard work and dedication.

And if you still want to print certificates recognizing member superlatives such as, “Member Most Likely to Show Up with Donuts,” we’ll help you custom frame each one. Explore our services or get inspiration by checking out our portfolio.

When you are ready to recognize your outstanding members, give us a call!

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