Recognizing Employee Burnout Before it Burns Too Deep

Recently on Levy Recognition, we talked about the dangers of burnout. Understanding what burnout does to employees is essential, but you also need to understand what it looks like and how to spot it before it’s too late.

We want our employees to thrive and have successful careers. Sometimes too much pressure is applied to our employees (internally or externally), and it causes a major threat to our employees and the work they do.

Signs Of Burnout

As a manager, you need to be well-versed on the signs of burnout. Burnout manifests itself differently in each employee. You should strive to understand each worker you manage and their normal behavior. The closer you get to employees, the easier it will be to notice changes in their behavior when they do occur.

Here are some of the signs of burnout:

     Decreases in productivity

     Increases in mistakes at work

     Depression or sadness

     Fatigue or exhaustion

     Anger or irritability


     Low engagement levels

     Accidents at work

     Trouble concentrating on tasks

     Increases in sick days

Remember, understanding how your employees typically behave will help you spot these signs. Also consider the context of the situation. Does your employee’s anger seem justified given the situation, or did they lash out unnecessarily?

How To Recognize Burnout

Now that you know the signs of burnout, how do you recognize them in your employees? Here are some strategies to help you spot burnout before it’s too late.

Be Aware Of The Signs Of Burnout And When To Look For Them

One of the best ways to recognize burnout is to know the signs of it. You cannot help your employees cope with their workloads if you don’t know what to look for. Keep the signs of burnout in your mind.

On top of knowing the signs, be aware of when burnout is likely to occur. Take special note of burnout during the first few months of employment, work anniversaries, after big projects wrap up, when employees are dealing with personal problems, etc. Think of all the times when employees are likely to have higher stress levels, and monitor them for signs of burnout.

Have Frequent One-On-One Meetings With Your Employees

One of the best ways to spot employee burnout is to spend time with your employees. If you don’t get to know your employees and their individual traits, you will never spot burnout before it wreaks havoc.

Schedule weekly one-on-one meetings with your employees. In those meetings, ask employees what they need help with or want to go over. You should be a resource for all your employees.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About Your Burnout

Don’t be afraid to share your struggles with burnout. Your employees will follow your lead. If you are open about what’s on your plate and how you deal with burnout, they will open up too. Make room for this kind of communication during team and company meetings. This conversation is vulnerable but helpful to the overall health of your organization.

Burnout can cause massive issues in your organization. Luckily, it can be seen and dealt with before it burns too deep, if you know what to look for. Keep up with your employees, the projects they are working on, and their personal lives. Your ability to connect with your employees makes all the difference when it comes to preventing employee burnout.

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