Season Ticket Holder Gifts

The baseball season may be ending, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done. We aren’t talking about offseason player trades or special workouts and practices. We’re talking about showing Major League Baseball’s biggest supporters how much their loyalty is appreciated.

Your season ticket holders are some of many people who make each game day great. Because season ticket holders are normally the most loyal and passionate fans a team has, it can be easy to take them for granted and forget to recognize the level of commitment it takes from someone to attend every home game on the schedule. If you are looking for ways to reward them for their support, you’ve come to the right place! Levy Marketing + Awards has everything you need to say “Thank you!” to everyone who makes your sports organization a success.

Apparel and Accessories

Oakland A's Custom Watch

Your ball club’s season ticket holders celebrate team spirit every game. Why not give them something that allows them to show off their team’s colors all season long? Clothing and accessories are popular gifts that are not only thoughtful, but also useful. Polo shirts, hats, scarves, and jackets are just a few apparel items your supporters will appreciate.


Other gifts they’ll love:

  • Watches featuring the team logo will make sure they’re on time to the game
  • Gloves and beanies to keep them warm in the stands
  • Custom umbrellas and rain ponchos make keep them dry during rain delays
  • Backpacks, handbags, and totes help them pack all their goodies when they’re on the go


Tech Items

Technology is what makes the world go round. Your team supporters rely on laptops, cellphones, and other tech items every day.  Show your thanks for their support by supporting their need to stay connected.

Stay connected with:

  • Custom headphones and wireless speakers so they can listen to away games
  • Power banks and chargers keep their phones powered and ready to take selfies at the stadium
  • Custom covers and cases to protect their favorite mobile devices from flyballs
  • USB drives to store their favorite photos and ballpark memories

Custom Season Ticket Holder Gifts

Unique Gift Ideas

Stand out from other organizations with appreciation gifts that are truly unique. Fill your season ticket holder packages with items your supporters will use and appreciate even during the offseason. Think out-of-the-box about who your season ticket holders are and what things they will appreciate.

Custom Technology Gifts

Creative ways to show appreciation:

  • Bar-b-que gear so they can throw legendary tailgate parties
  • Bibs, hats, or socks for families to share their team spirit with younger generations
  • Paperweights and office supplies to business executives productive and organized
  • Commemorative ticket display cases, plaques, medallions, and appreciation awards can be displayed to show off their support at home or at work

Season ticket holders are the foundation of your team’s success. Ensure that they are engaged and feel like they are appreciated by your organization all season long. Let Levy Recognition help you produce season ticket holder gifts that will show your thoughtful appreciation for their continued loyalty.

Contact Brian Liotta-DeVivo for information on how your sports team can take season ticket holder recognition to the next level.

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