Small Business? We Have a Recognition Solution for You!

Businesses with less than 50 employees often have a difficult time halting the daily grind to celebrate. There are times when getting up to get a cup of coffee is too time consuming. Everyone in your company is busy and as your company grows, they’re getting even busier.

Did you know that 58% of employees say their companies leaders could improve employee engagement just by giving a little recognition?

Small business is hard. We know, because we do it every day. And sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.  That doesn’t stop us from taking a moment to recognize the people who make our business great.

Each day, your employees show up to work knowing what they have on their plate. They’re working hard to help your small business achieve its dream of becoming a not-so-small business. Whether you rely on just two or two hundred employees, their dedication and commitment to your company should not go unnoticed. At Levy Recognition, we’re in the business of helping other small businesses find the time recognize. Here are just a few examples of how we can help your small business implement a recognition program that won’t waste your time or dent your budget.

Web-Based Awards Program

Looking for a recognition solution that will grow with your company? Our web-based awards and incentive programs makes giving recognition a breeze for any company size. Choose from a variety of program functions that boost employee engagement on every level. Our programs make it possible for you to communicate accolades to your whole team at once. Or, use our points-based system to create goals that will encourage your employees to earn points that can be cashed in for incentives. Our programs provide a hands on experience without the hassle of manual tracking. Real-time reporting auto generates points values, tracks incentives earned, and processes prize orders with just a few clicks. Perfect for a small business looking for a time-conscious way to offer employee’s the recognition they crave.

Annual Awards

Want recognition that feels more personal, but doesn’t require a lot of time planning each week? It can be tough to create time for recognition every day. If your company is fast-paced with little room to breathe, an annual awards program may be right for you. An annual awards banquet can be planned gradually and several weeks in advance. It’s the perfect type of event to recognize employees for their years of services, milestone achievements, and teamwork efforts. Not only does the event encourage employee bonding, but also creates memories they’ll share with each other years. Presenting your employees with an award they can display in their office will keep the good times rolling. Employees will proudly display their accomplishment and inspire other coworkers to work just as hard for the same achievement.

Our dedicated team can help you choose an award that best suits the theme of your event while staying within your budget. Choose from one of our stock award pieces, or create something completely custom. Need something to get the creative juices going? Take a look at our portfolio to see what other companies, just like yours, are doing to recognize the people they work with.

Special Event/Superlative Awards

So you have a really small business and an awards banquet feels like a bit much for an employee pool that can hardly fill a table at a TGI Fridays. No problem; there is a recognition solution for you too! Companies with just a handful of employees tend to be close nit. You spend hours with your coworkers in and outside the office. They are more than just your coworkers, they are your work family. They’ve watched your dog while you were on vacation, they’ve picked you up when your car won’t start, and they’ve helped you celebrate life’s little achievements. Now, imagine celebrating those life achievements with a token of recognition that can make even the smallest achievement feel like a big deal. Remember that time Nancy blew everyone away with her amazing Halloween costume? Or that time Mike finished closing a huge sale he’d been working on for months? What about the time Becca made a shocking come back to win the office Fantasy Football League?

Levy Marketing + Awards has recognition solutions that can help you celebrate those unique moments together. Gift baskets and branded merchandise can be used to recognize the everyday achievements. Acrylic awards can be given to recognize contest winners. Perpetual trophies and nameplates recognize every Fantasy League winner for years to come.

Our recognition solutions are designed to grow with your small business. We believe that a moment of recognition can change the way your employees feel about their jobs and each other.

Let our team of recognition experts help your small business celebrate moments that matter. Download our Recognition Programs Guide to Learn more!

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